1. Experienced, Motivated, and Eager: Hack Reactor Grads are Ready from Day One

    In a recent article for TechCrunch, Rob Gonzalez (@gonzofy), Co-founder and VP of Business Development at Salsify wrote of his experience in hiring coding bootcamp grads. He writes that bootcamp grads add a lot of value to a business, and that they graduate “motivated, hungry, coachable, and raw.” He believes that bootcamps work, but also that companies will need to guide and coach such employees, offering them much-needed structure, especially when just starting at a company.

  2. New Study Shows Coding School Grads Do Well, Hack Reactor Grads Do Better

    What can a coding school student expect from their education? Course Report, which collects and reports data on the coding bootcamp industry, interviewed hundreds of graduates across 44 coding schools, including Hack Reactor, in an attempt to get a broad view of the industry. Alice Truong (@alicetruong) at Quartz translated this data into a series of easy-to-read charts. Here are some key stats, along with breakdowns of how Hack Reactor compares.