1. 4 Critical Factors to Help You Decide on a Coding Bootcamp

    A new coding bootcamp is founded every 8 minutes. Just kidding, but you get the idea. The industry has been expanding with incredible speed and - given the success of coding school graduates - shows no signs of slowing down. How can you find the right program? Here are four factors to consider for each coding school that interests you.

  2. Coding Bootcamps Offer a New Kind of Education

    Can coding bootcamps replace a computer science degree? We say that bootcamps offer a viable, and increasingly popular alternative to the traditional, four-year college route. Coding curriculums give you an edge when it comes to the job market.

  3. Graduating Engineers Meet Reps from Cisco, Ozy, Walmart & Over 40 More at Hiring Day

    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day yet, with representatives from over 40 employers, including Cisco, Walmart, Ozy Media and JP Morgan Chase. Hiring Day allows students to display the largest, most complex projects they built while at Hack Reactor and meet with actively hiring companies for ten minute interviews. Students and employers are matched ahead of time by mutual interest, and many of these initial conversations lead to formal first interviews.

  4. Remote Student Talks Meteor, Women & LGBT in STEM

    Kate Jefferson’s nudge to become a Software Engineer started as a frustration with what she was doing. After seven years working at accounting jobs, she felt her impact was limited by the tech tools she had to work with in her role. Furthermore, she didn’t have the skills to create better tools to manage the databases she worked with.

  5. Salesforce, Cisco, SolarCity & Over 40 More Interview Graduates on Hiring Day

    Hack Reactor welcomed over 40 companies to Hiring Day to meet and interview our most recent graduates. The event provided a chance for students entering the job market to present group projects and meet individually with employers. The efficiency of bringing hiring companies together with eligible, interested candidates is nearly impossible to replicate for companies or Software Engineers on their own, and our network of hiring partners has steadily grown as more employers seek to take advantage of this opportunity.

  6. Image Search Entrepreneur Adrian Rosebrock Explains Computer Vision to Alumni

    Image search entrepreneur and computer science PhD Adrian Rosebrock gave a talk to our alumni network about computer vision--the processing and categorization of images by software. Rosebrock is a leading figure in the field of image search, having started two successful image search engines. He founded Chic Engine, a fashion search engine which allows users to search by image instead of keyword, and ID My Pill, which allows users to take a snapshot of a prescription drug and quickly learn what it is. Now he is launching a course on the nuances of computer vision and Python-based image search.

  7. JP Morgan Chase, Change.org, DocuSign & 30+ Employers Interview Grads on Hiring Day

    JP Morgan Chase, DocuSign, Change.org, and over thirty more companies gathered at Hiring Day to conduct interviews with our graduating students. The day started with student teams demoing the projects they worked on in the last weeks of the course. Projects ranged from a home monitoring system, to a Tinder-like job search app, to a visual display of worldwide Twitter data using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller.

  8. Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, Autodesk and Many More Companies Thoroughly Impressed with Hack Reactor Grads at Hiring Day

    Intuit, Indiegogo, JPMorgan Chase, Autodesk and over 20 other companies attended our Hiring Day on October 14, and the employers were thoroughly impressed with our graduating class. The day consisted of student presentations of the projects they had been working on for the last three weeks, followed by a series of ten-minute lightning interviews. Our Hiring Team works to ensure that employers and students are matched as optimally as possible by skills and mutual interest ahead of time, and many of the conversations at Hiring Day lead to a formal first interview.