1. Student Team Builds on Project from Previous Cohort to Create Technical Interview Platform

    Technical interviews done online often involve a cumbersome mix of programs for video chat, pair programming, whiteboarding and private notetaking. This adds logistical challenges to an already-complex task. A team of students addressed this issue by creating an all-in-one platform for remote technical interviews. HackBox uses a tab system to put video chat, whiteboard, shared coding space and a private note-taking area for the interviewer.

  2. Salesforce, Yammer & NodePrime Part of Biggest Hiring Day Yet

    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day to date on Tuesday. Forty-one companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce and Yammer came in search for top Software Engineering talent.

    The day began with project demos from our graduating students. These projects, which student teams of 3-4 built in the last four weeks of the program, ranged from an app that can process and analyze biometric data, a program that uses IBM’s Watson to analyze personality traits of Twitter users by location and keyword, and a smart home management system.

  3. Charitable Student Project Facilitates Gifts to Children in Need

    Three Hack Reactor students took on a project that allowed them to build a project from scratch for a client while doing some good for the world. The city of San Mateo, just south of San Francisco, runs a gift registry for children in need through their Human Services Agency. The registry regularly has around 300 children, and swells to 3,000 during the winter holidays. What it lacked was an efficient way to run the registry.

  4. How to Get into Hack Reactor: Collaborate, Communicate and Code

    Hack Reactor requires a certain level of coding acumen of our applicants, but programming ability is far from the only thing that Hack Reactor selects for. The intensity of the program and the rigors of being a Software Engineer involve more than just being an able coder. For this reason, Hack Reactor looks at more than just programming talents when evaluating each applicant.

  5. Hack Reactor Students With PhDs Add Coding to Their Wealth of Knowledge

    Hack Reactor takes students with all sorts of backgrounds, ambitions and career paths. Many are Computer Science majors or Software Engineers looking to take their skills to the next level, and others have only picked up coding recently. Occasionally, someone who is very advanced in a non-CS field finds that Hack Reactor is the missing piece in a unique and exciting career. Here are three Hack Reactor students who came to the school having already earned a PhD.