1. Why the “Learn to Code” Movement Needs to Focus on Teachers

    The “learn to code” frenzy is at a fever pitch, and that’s a good thing. Not only are our employers asking for far more Software Engineers than our education system currently provides, but coding teaches valuable general skills like problem solving, engineering and even research (the most common answer to a coding issue is “Google it”). The focus in creating a tidal wave of programmers has been on professionals looking to improve their career outlook and bringing computer science to middle and high schools. On this second point, there is a second talent shortage that is critically important to address, but has received relatively little attention: training teachers. Code.org has been leading the charge in filling in this piece of the puzzle.

  2. Hack Reactor’s Newest Instructor Teaches Students to Teach Themselves

    Magee Mooney brings a wealth of experience to her role as Hack Reactor's newest instructor.  She has programmed for the U.S. government, U.C. Berkeley, a number of non-profits on a volunteer basis, and in the private sector. After working as a LAN Administrator for the National Science Foundation, she came to California to take a role as an Analyst/Programmer on a years-long childhood leukemia study.