1. Alumni Diversity Leaders Start Group for Women & Non-binary Coding Bootcamp Grads

    Women and non-binary gendered alumni of coding bootcamps now have a way to connect with others like them, thanks to four Hack Reactor alumni. Underrepresented && Nontraditional, started by alumni Kate JeffersonKatrina UychacoJammie Mountz and Sarah Yu, aims to create a platform for this community, and provides career services and continuing education. The group is open to all gender-diverse coding bootcamp grads (not just those in the Reactor Core network). Hack Reactor hosted the Underrepresented && Nontraditional hackathon for engineers to finish up their pet projects before the year ends.

  2. How to Use Momentum from Africa Code Week

    This October, Africa Code Week will embark on an ambitious project: giving 20,000 children across 17 African countries an introduction to coding, October 1-10. Based on a rationale familiar to coding discussions in the U.S., the initiative finds that traditional education systems are not producing Software Engineers at the rate the economy requires. Kickstarting broader coding education today will pay dividends down the road.

  3. Remote Beta Students Mentored by Uber Engineers at Weeklong Hackathon

    Uber teamed up with our Remote Beta team to host an online hackathon for students and alumni of the program. The five-day sprint included mentorship from Uber’s engineers, a talk from the CTO of the fascinating agricultural drone company HoneyComb Corporation, and teams of up to five working together to build apps with the Uber API. The winning team has been invited to tour Uber’s offices in San Francisco.

  4. Alumni's 'MarkoYolo' App Wins Yo Hackathon

    Mike Luby, attended a Yo hackathon over the weekend, and won the prize for most fun app with their game MarkoYoloYo, an app that does no more than allow users to send the word “Yo” to each other (with the option of attaching a link or location data), brought a lot of confusion when it was first released last April Fool’s Day, but it has proven to be popular, drawing tens of thousands of users and millions in investment money. Over the weekend, Yo invited developers to their headquarters in San Francisco to build products with the Yo API.

  5. Hack Reactor Hosts #neoHack14, a Newbie-Friendly Hackathon by Girl Develop It

    Hack Reactor hosted the #neoHack14 hackathon by Girl Develop It SF over the weekend. Girl Develop It provides classes and resources for beginner to intermediate coders to help them tackle the most confusing and intimidating aspects of software development. Over a hundred people, roughly 95% women, participated in this free, newbie-friendly, collaborative event to build and support the coding community.

  6. Tessel Comes to Hack Reactor for an Inspiring Hackathon

    Tessel, the maker of a hardware device by the same name which can be programmed with JavaScript, came to Hack Reactor to hold a hackathon over the weekend. Roughly 50 Hack Reactor alumni, from the just graduated to Software Engineers firmly entrenched at their companies, came to learn, experiment and build. The hardware-software combination created by Tessel inspired the attendees to build a wide range of devices.

  7. Student Team Wins Awards from Twitter and Nexmo at APICon Hackathon

    The first annual APICon, put on by Programmable Web, took place in downtown San Francisco, and one team of Hack Reactor students won the award for best use of API from Twitter and Nexmo at an all-night hackathon. In addition to those two, a slew of major tech companies were represented, including Google, FourSquare, PayPal and Netflix.