1. Apple TV Shows That Hardware is Turning Soft

    From the headlines coming out of Apple’s big announcement day, it would be easy to think that today was about hardware: iPad Pro, Apple TV, new iPhones and the Apple Pencil. Scratch the surface, however, and what’s really being offered here are platforms. The iPad and iPhone have long been defined more by the apps they support than their native functions, and AppleTV is the latest and biggest step toward unleashing the power of software into the television experience.

  2. Alumna Combines Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things Using NASA Software

    Kate Jenkins, who graduated from Hack Reactor over a year ago, has worked since then on a small but impactful team at Ejenta, using proprietary software Brahms, developed at the NASA Ames Research Center. Originally designed to track and model the biometrics and behavior of astronauts, Ejenta, which has sole use of the software, is using it to make advances in healthcare, defense and robotics. As part of a four-person developer team (in a seven-person company), Jenkins is integral to everything the company does.