1. Remote Beta Students Mentored by Uber Engineers at Weeklong Hackathon

    Uber teamed up with our Remote Beta team to host an online hackathon for students and alumni of the program. The five-day sprint included mentorship from Uber’s engineers, a talk from the CTO of the fascinating agricultural drone company HoneyComb Corporation, and teams of up to five working together to build apps with the Uber API. The winning team has been invited to tour Uber’s offices in San Francisco.

  2. SXSWedu 2015 Recap: Top 5 Quotes On the EdTech Movement

    SXSWedu, the education-focused branch of the popular South by Southwest conference, had its fifth iteration, and Hack Reactor joined in with talks, panels and meetups. Partner school MakerSquare, which has a school in SXSWedu’s host city Austin, was quite active as well.

    The week-long event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with some of the most forward-thinking minds in education today. Here are 5 top quotes from our SXSWedu experience.

  3. Remote Students Create 3D Video Conferencing Environment with WebRTC

    Inspired by the regular video conferencing that happens in our Remote Beta course, two students decided to take the video chat beyond the standard talking heads and create a more dynamic experience. Dave Mun, who was taking the course in L.A., collaborated with Rory Campbell in London on Real Faces, which creates a three-dimensional, Minecraft-like world in which to have virtual meetings.

  4. Online Students Create WebRTC Library for Video Conferencing Apps

    Hack Reactor recently completed its first online immersive course, which brought together students in every corner of the U.S., plus one in Nigeria. The class used several apps to coordinate meetings, lectures, and group chats, including Google Hangouts for video conferences. Though Hangouts was usually up to the task, the group started to find ways that it could be improved upon. Inspired by Hack Reactor’s philosophy of constant iteration, they started working on their own video conferencing library. Thus, OurMeeting.js was born.

  5. $9,780 Scholarship for Coding School Grads accepted to our Remote Beta Online Course in Feb or Mar

    If you have completed a coding school program, Hack Reactor has a unique, limited offer to grow your skill set and expand your earning power at a sharply discounted price. Hack Reactor’s renowned programming course will be offered twice this year in an online pilot program, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, at a $9,780 discount off the standard $17,780 tuition to any student who has previously graduated from a program costing over $5,000 and is listed on CourseReport.comBootcamper.io or Switchup.org.

  6. Full-Time Staff Member Shepherds Students Through Online Immersive Coding Life

    Each cohort at Hack Reactor has a dedicated “shepherd”, and our immersive online program is no different. The role of the shepherd is to keep a finger on the pulse of the mental/emotional health of the cohort, as well as their technical skills. Shepherds frequently meet with groups and individuals to work through coding issues, discuss how the program is going or to simply check in. The shepherd for the online program, Aaron Ward, has been enjoying his time in a new version of a well-established role.