1. $9,780 Scholarship for Coding School Grads accepted to our Remote Beta Online Course in Feb or Mar

    If you have completed a coding school program, Hack Reactor has a unique, limited offer to grow your skill set and expand your earning power at a sharply discounted price. Hack Reactor’s renowned programming course will be offered twice this year in an online pilot program, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, at a $9,780 discount off the standard $17,780 tuition to any student who has previously graduated from a program costing over $5,000 and is listed on CourseReport.comBootcamper.io or Switchup.org.

  2. Full-Time Staff Member Shepherds Students Through Online Immersive Coding Life

    Each cohort at Hack Reactor has a dedicated “shepherd”, and our immersive online program is no different. The role of the shepherd is to keep a finger on the pulse of the mental/emotional health of the cohort, as well as their technical skills. Shepherds frequently meet with groups and individuals to work through coding issues, discuss how the program is going or to simply check in. The shepherd for the online program, Aaron Ward, has been enjoying his time in a new version of a well-established role.

  3. Four Scholarships Available for Hack Reactor Remote Beta, Apply by June 24!

    Hack Reactor is announcing an exciting new program: Remote Beta. Students who can’t or don’t want to travel to the San Francisco area for the July 21 cohort will be able to participate in Hack Reactor remotely. Hack Reactor prides itself on the individual attention students are given, from our iterative lectures to the one-on-one support provided while students are beginning their job search. Hack Reactor Remote Beta brings that same personalized experience. Remote students will work with instructors to resolve points of confusion and decipher underlying concepts. During the job search process, remote students will get the same one-on-one resume assistance, mock interview training and help negotiating multiple job offers.

  4. Know Basic JavaScript and Looking to Level Up? Check Out Hack Reactor Junior!

    While online classes are generally enough to get a dedicated self-studier started on JavaScript, there is a dearth of resources to bring learners up to an intermediate level. This is especially true for in-person classes, which generally start from zero or from a level of significant comfort with JavaScript. That’s where Hack Reactor Junior, a one-week JavaScript fundamentals class, comes in.