1. Salesforce, Yammer & NodePrime Part of Biggest Hiring Day Yet

    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day to date on Tuesday. Forty-one companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce and Yammer came in search for top Software Engineering talent.

    The day began with project demos from our graduating students. These projects, which student teams of 3-4 built in the last four weeks of the program, ranged from an app that can process and analyze biometric data, a program that uses IBM’s Watson to analyze personality traits of Twitter users by location and keyword, and a smart home management system.

  2. Hack Reactor’s Newest Instructor Teaches Students to Teach Themselves

    Magee Mooney brings a wealth of experience to her role as Hack Reactor's newest instructor.  She has programmed for the U.S. government, U.C. Berkeley, a number of non-profits on a volunteer basis, and in the private sector. After working as a LAN Administrator for the National Science Foundation, she came to California to take a role as an Analyst/Programmer on a years-long childhood leukemia study.

  3. Student’s Advice to Anyone on the Fence about Applying to Hack Reactor: Just Go For It

    Austen Talbot made a decision in 2013 to take his technical skills to the next level. He got started with extensive self-study. Like many before him, he found that, “these tools [to learn programming] exist in abundance for beginners, but slowly thin out until you’re left without much direction as an intermediate user.” He took on coding projects where he could, but it wasn't bringing him to the expertise he wanted.

  4. Hack Reactor Students With PhDs Add Coding to Their Wealth of Knowledge

    Hack Reactor takes students with all sorts of backgrounds, ambitions and career paths. Many are Computer Science majors or Software Engineers looking to take their skills to the next level, and others have only picked up coding recently. Occasionally, someone who is very advanced in a non-CS field finds that Hack Reactor is the missing piece in a unique and exciting career. Here are three Hack Reactor students who came to the school having already earned a PhD.