1. JP Morgan Chase, Change.org, DocuSign & 30+ Employers Interview Grads on Hiring Day

    JP Morgan Chase, DocuSign, Change.org, and over thirty more companies gathered at Hiring Day to conduct interviews with our graduating students. The day started with student teams demoing the projects they worked on in the last weeks of the course. Projects ranged from a home monitoring system, to a Tinder-like job search app, to a visual display of worldwide Twitter data using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion controller.

  2. Beats Music, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce, Yammer and Many More Join Another Successful Hiring Day

    Representatives from 37 companies, including Beats Music, J.P. Morgan Chase, Yammer, SalesForce and a diverse collection of small to mid-size companies, gathered at Hack Reactor for our latest Hiring Day. Employers compete to attend the event, in which students showcase their final projects, then conduct a series of 10-minute lightning interviews with employers. The day provides a hyper-efficient forum for our stellar candidates and a variety of top employers to suss each other out.

  3. Student’s Advice to Anyone on the Fence about Applying to Hack Reactor: Just Go For It

    Austen Talbot made a decision in 2013 to take his technical skills to the next level. He got started with extensive self-study. Like many before him, he found that, “these tools [to learn programming] exist in abundance for beginners, but slowly thin out until you’re left without much direction as an intermediate user.” He took on coding projects where he could, but it wasn't bringing him to the expertise he wanted.

  4. SalesForce, Autodesk, Yammer & More: 24 Companies Gather at Hiring Day

    Representatives of numerous Bay Area tech companies gathered at Hack Reactor for Hiring Day on May 20, an event that brings together graduating Software Engineers and companies looking to hire. The event was a success for both students and employers. The consensus among companies that attended was that the students were quite impressive, and the format of Hiring Day was extremely efficient in facilitating connections. Hiring Day is every 7 weeks, with the next event on Tuesday, July 8.