1. Why Hack Reactor Doesn’t Care About Your SAT Score

    What should colleges and universities do with a student’s SAT and ACT scores? Hampshire College has come up with a bold answer: ignore them. These tests introduce a lot of statistical noise, because it is impossible to know if the student had a typical test-taking performance, took a prep course that boosted their results beyond what they would “naturally” get, and, most critically, what a high score means about the student’s future success (hundreds of other schools are “test optional” suggesting they are sympathetic to these ideas). So what is Hampshire College doing instead? School President Jonathan Lash explains in an article.

  2. Hack Reactor Opens Telegraph Academy, Coding School Focused on Closing Tech Diversity Gap

    Hack Reactor has announced the founding of a unique school: Telegraph Academy, a mission-driven, immersive coding program for people of color. Founded by Hack Reactor alumni and instructors Bianca Gandolfo and Albrey Brown, Telegraph Academy will create pathways into tech for communities that have been underrepresented in the industry. Through financing options and prep courses, this school will be accessible to motivated people, regardless of experience or financial situation. Telegraph Academy is located in Berkeley, CA, with plans to cross the border into Oakland early next year. The first cohort of its three-month course starts June 29, and the school is currently accepting applications.

  3. Student Team Builds on Project from Previous Cohort to Create Technical Interview Platform

    Technical interviews done online often involve a cumbersome mix of programs for video chat, pair programming, whiteboarding and private notetaking. This adds logistical challenges to an already-complex task. A team of students addressed this issue by creating an all-in-one platform for remote technical interviews. HackBox uses a tab system to put video chat, whiteboard, shared coding space and a private note-taking area for the interviewer.

  4. Partner School Telegraph Academy’s Month-long Prep Course Creates Accelerated Track for Beginners

    Our partner school Telegraph Academy, located in the East Bay across from San Francisco, is committed to providing coding education for underrepresented minorities, regardless of technical background or availability of funds. In addition to offering Hack Reactor’s 12-week immersive curriculum, Telegraph Academy is reaching out to the community to help beginners get basic skills, develop confidence and connect with a network of motivated & supportive learners and mentors.  

  5. Hack Reactor CEO Presents at Leading EdTech Conference ASU+GSV Summit

    Our CEO Tony Phillips and Alumni Director Mike Adams traveled to ASU+GSV Summit--a leading edtech conference--to discuss delivering high quality education to a wide range of learners. Phillips gave a presentation on the progress and innovations made by Hack Reactor, and both Phillips and Adams took full advantage of the chance to spend three days among other edtech companies and thought leaders in education.

  6. Speaking in Code: Student Siblings Discuss Hacking Together

    Since Tony and Marcus Phillips cofounded Hack Reactor, many sibling pairs have followed in their footsteps. Often students talk up the school to their families, and it’s not uncommon for students’ siblings to apply after hearing about the program. The younger of these pairs has the benefit of an extra friend and mentor who knows what they are going through, not to mention a great hacking partner.

  7. Hack Reactor & MakerSquare Ready to Take on SXSWedu

    Hack Reactor is joining partner school MakerSquare in Austin, TX for SXSWedu. This education-focused spinoff of the popular tech and music festival South by Southwest will bring together many great minds and organizations in tech and education. SXSWedu offers many opportunities to learn from and mingle with MakerSquare and us.