1. What a Remote Student Learned Building a Popular React & Flux Framework

    After building a React and Flux framework with his Remote Beta classmates, Gunnari Auvinen documented the experience in a three-part series of blog posts. The framework, Tuxedo.js, was conceived as a way to make React and Flux, two technologies from Facebook, easier to use. The result proved popular--Tuxedo.js spent a full day near the top of the tech news aggregator Hacker News. With time to reflect, Auvinen extracted certain lessons taken from his first experience building a framework.

  2. Remote Beta Students Top Hacker News

    Four students in our remote program wanted to work with Facebook’s exciting and popular frameworks React and Flux. After tinkering with these technologies, they found that they were impressively speedy and organized, but also, like many new technologies, that there were unnecessary hurdles and complexities that bogged down the process of coding and raised the barrier to entry. In response, they built Tuxedo.js, a framework on top of React and Flux. Tuxedo.js gained immediate recognition, ranking in the top 3 posts on the popular aggregator Hacker News, and the framework is already being used by developers in real-world projects.