1. Hack Reactor Remote Beta Teams Up with Uber to Provide Students With Real-World API Development Experience

    Hack Reactor has announced an exciting partnership between Uber and our Remote bootcamp program. Through this partnership, the Uber API will be integrated into the Remote Beta curriculum to give students a deep exploration of API development. Once it is fully integrated into the course, students will have the option to build apps and projects with the Uber API. Additionally, Uber Engineers will eventually co-teach sections on API development alongside Hack Reactor instructors.

  2. Remote Beta Students Top Hacker News

    Four students in our remote program wanted to work with Facebook’s exciting and popular frameworks React and Flux. After tinkering with these technologies, they found that they were impressively speedy and organized, but also, like many new technologies, that there were unnecessary hurdles and complexities that bogged down the process of coding and raised the barrier to entry. In response, they built Tuxedo.js, a framework on top of React and Flux. Tuxedo.js gained immediate recognition, ranking in the top 3 posts on the popular aggregator Hacker News, and the framework is already being used by developers in real-world projects.

  3. How Hack Reactor’s Online Immersive Coding Program is Different from Any Online Learning You’ve Experienced

    When most people think of an online learning course, they usually imagine watching recorded lectures in their free time. There may be assignments and tests that mirror those taken in an onsite class, and maybe even scheduled chat times about the material, which are usually optional and sparsely attended. That’s the basic picture of most Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). Then there are more interactive self-paced courses, like those of CodeAcademy, in which students progress through a series of assignments. Hack Reactor Remote Beta is an entirely new kind of online course: it is more immersive, time-intensive and social than nearly any other course, live or online.