1. Online Students Create WebRTC Library for Video Conferencing Apps

    Hack Reactor recently completed its first online immersive course, which brought together students in every corner of the U.S., plus one in Nigeria. The class used several apps to coordinate meetings, lectures, and group chats, including Google Hangouts for video conferences. Though Hangouts was usually up to the task, the group started to find ways that it could be improved upon. Inspired by Hack Reactor’s philosophy of constant iteration, they started working on their own video conferencing library. Thus, OurMeeting.js was born.

  2. Four Scholarships Available for Hack Reactor Remote Beta, Apply by June 24!

    Hack Reactor is announcing an exciting new program: Remote Beta. Students who can’t or don’t want to travel to the San Francisco area for the July 21 cohort will be able to participate in Hack Reactor remotely. Hack Reactor prides itself on the individual attention students are given, from our iterative lectures to the one-on-one support provided while students are beginning their job search. Hack Reactor Remote Beta brings that same personalized experience. Remote students will work with instructors to resolve points of confusion and decipher underlying concepts. During the job search process, remote students will get the same one-on-one resume assistance, mock interview training and help negotiating multiple job offers.