1. Cofounder Shawn Drost Discusses Initiative to Teach Prisoners to Code at Planet Labs Colloquium

    Planet Labs, a company focused on high-resolution satellite imagery for environmental, humanitarian and business-related causes, invited Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost to give a colloquium on Code.7370, our program to teach inmates at San Quentin State Prison to code. Drost discussed how the initiative operates, some of the unique challenges of working in a prison, and how he hopes to see the program expand going forward.

  2. Hack Reactor-Powered Coding Program at San Quentin State Prison Celebrates First Graduation

    Code.7370, a program developed in part by Hack Reactor to train motivated prisoners in San Quentin State Prison to code, held its first graduation earlier this week. Hack Reactor developed the curriculum for Code.7370, which seeks to reduce recidivism by providing inmates with marketable coding skills. Sixteen students completed the program, which focused on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The initiative was created by Chris Redlitz and Beverly Parenti, founders of The Last Mile, a program to set prisoners up for success when their sentences end.