1. Salesforce, Yammer & NodePrime Part of Biggest Hiring Day Yet

    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day to date on Tuesday. Forty-one companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce and Yammer came in search for top Software Engineering talent.

    The day began with project demos from our graduating students. These projects, which student teams of 3-4 built in the last four weeks of the program, ranged from an app that can process and analyze biometric data, a program that uses IBM’s Watson to analyze personality traits of Twitter users by location and keyword, and a smart home management system.

  2. Firebase, a Popular API with Students and Developers, Acquired by Google

    Firebase, an API that facilitates real-time interactions between clients and a server, was purchased by Google this week. Firebase, which is very popular in social network, gaming development, and other areas where real-time interaction is crucial to user experience, has a good relationship with Hack Reactor. One Firebase developer, Joey Yang, is a Hack Reactor graduate, and has come back to the school multiple times to make presentations on using Firebase. Firebase participated in the newbie-friendly hackathon #neoHack14, which Hack Reactor hosted, and students often use the powerful API in their apps, including one that created a social network around exchanging Disneyland Fastpasses.

  3. Beats Music, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce, Yammer and Many More Join Another Successful Hiring Day

    Representatives from 37 companies, including Beats Music, J.P. Morgan Chase, Yammer, SalesForce and a diverse collection of small to mid-size companies, gathered at Hack Reactor for our latest Hiring Day. Employers compete to attend the event, in which students showcase their final projects, then conduct a series of 10-minute lightning interviews with employers. The day provides a hyper-efficient forum for our stellar candidates and a variety of top employers to suss each other out.

  4. Student Team Wins Awards from Twitter and Nexmo at APICon Hackathon

    The first annual APICon, put on by Programmable Web, took place in downtown San Francisco, and one team of Hack Reactor students won the award for best use of API from Twitter and Nexmo at an all-night hackathon. In addition to those two, a slew of major tech companies were represented, including Google, FourSquare, PayPal and Netflix.

  5. Student uses Bourne Again SHell (Bash) to Automate Manual Process

    Graduate Gregory Lull ran into an issue where his only solution was to manually input the same data in file after file. He knew there had to be a better way. He figured out how to automate this manual process, and, even better, shared the solution in a blog post, so that others can learn from his effort. The post explores bash commands and how to use them to append multiple documents with for-loop structures, globbing and re-direction.

  6. SalesForce, Autodesk, Yammer & More: 24 Companies Gather at Hiring Day

    Representatives of numerous Bay Area tech companies gathered at Hack Reactor for Hiring Day on May 20, an event that brings together graduating Software Engineers and companies looking to hire. The event was a success for both students and employers. The consensus among companies that attended was that the students were quite impressive, and the format of Hiring Day was extremely efficient in facilitating connections. Hiring Day is every 7 weeks, with the next event on Tuesday, July 8.