1. Purify CSS Tool Vaults Remote Students into Hacker News Limelight

    Inspired by past student projects that made meaningful contributions to the open source community, a group of students in our Remote Beta program went into their final project looking for a problem to be solved. After investigating several avenues, they conceived of and built Purify CSS, a tool that speeds up apps by removing unused components related to the staple design language CSS. Since Purify CSS was released, the reaction from the developer community has been overwhelmingly positive, with coders already adding to the framework and using it in their projects.

  2. Charitable Student Project Facilitates Gifts to Children in Need

    Three Hack Reactor students took on a project that allowed them to build a project from scratch for a client while doing some good for the world. The city of San Mateo, just south of San Francisco, runs a gift registry for children in need through their Human Services Agency. The registry regularly has around 300 children, and swells to 3,000 during the winter holidays. What it lacked was an efficient way to run the registry.

  3. How Hack Reactor Students Go Non-Stop for Three Months Without Burning Out

    Hack Reactor students are coached to view the program as a marathon, not a sprint. However you think of it, 10-hour days, 6 days a week for 12 weeks is an incredible feat of physical and mental stamina. In order to maximize what can be accomplished in the three months of the program, Hack Reactor requires a commitment of time and energy that few jobs would ask for. Here's how Hack Reactor staff works to prevent student burnout throughout the program.