1. Staff Member Mentors Students to Optimize Career Outcomes

    Hack Reactor measures its success on student outcomes and the return on investment our students receive. In addition to a top of the line programming skill set, students need to be prepared to negotiate a mercurial job market while keeping their career aspirations in mind. Now, Blake Williams joins our team as Director of Student Outcomes, where he mentors students on turning their programming ability into a fulfilling career.

  2. Meet the Program Manager who Ensures an Incredible Hack Reactor Student Experience

    The Hack Reactor curriculum requires extraordinary commitments of time and energy with a minimum of 66 hours of classes and coding, every week for 12 weeks. Many students say they have never worked so hard or learned so much, as they did at Hack Reactor. At this level, it is important to have an infrastructure to make sure that students are keeping up with their technical skills, staying physically healthy and not getting emotionally overwhelmed. At Hack Reactor, we have a team devoted to students’ well being from the technical to the emotional. This team is led by Jerod Rubalcava, a coaching and mental health professional.