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The relationship between personal finance + professional development

Hack Reactor

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In our neck of the woods, at the intersection of education and software engineering, we think about personal finance a lot. Many of our students and graduates run into questions and concerns about personal finance as they move through the different stages of their careers.

Whether they’re looking for work, just landed a new job, or are mid-career but uncertain how to achieve certain financial goals, software engineers (like professionals across many industries) are hungry for information about how to manage their money.

During a recent online event, our VP of Professional Development (and Certified Public Accountant), Mike Rudinsky, tackled this topic head-on. He walked through his own history related to money management in his personal life, as well as in business during his experiences building, operating, and leading various teams and startups. In case you missed the event live, we recorded it for you to watch and enjoy. In it, you’ll also hear Mike discuss: 

  • Setting goals

  • Making a budget

  • Credit cards and debt

  • Saving and retirement  

Watch the recording here and get a start on managing your money effectively. 


Mike leads our Professional Development team, including the creation and implementation of all ProDev courses. Learn more about the courses here