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The rituals, roles, and artifacts in Feature-Driven Development

Hack Reactor

Of all the agile software methodologies, Feature-Driven Development stands out because of its balance between systems design and development. Recently, as part of our ongoing Advanced Topics event series, our VP of ProDev Curtis Schlak hosted a session on this very topic, introducing attendees to the rituals, roles, and artifacts used in Feature-Driven Development to manage software development projects.

In case you missed it live, we recorded the session and invite you to watch it at your leisure. It’s a knowledge-packed hour, filled with information about this alternative way to run your agile software development. Once you’ve watched, you’ll understand the problem that agile software development is trying to solve, and you’ll be able to evaluate Feature-Driven Development as a methodology.

It’s our belief that any and all software professionals interested in agile software development methodologies other than Scrum will get a lot out of this session.

Click here to watch the video.

This topic of discussion was pulled from Week 5 of our Methodologies + Requirements Gathering Professional Development course. Learn more about the course here, including a breakdown of what’s covered during each course session.