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Top 10 companies that pay software engineers the most in 2021

Hack Reactor

Top 10 companies that pay software engineers the most in 2021

By Brittany Anas for Hack Reactor.com

On average, software engineers pull an annual salary of $92,000, according to Glassdoor. But that’s just an average, and some of the top-paying companies pay more than double that for entry-level engineers. Of course, factors like location, the area you specialize in, and your salary negotiating skills can all have a major influence on your earning potential. As an example, software engineers who work in high-demand fields like machine learning and data science have the potential to earn well over the six-figure mark. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a high-paying software engineering career, enrolling in a coding bootcamp can help you sharpen your skills, develop a specialty and prepare you to nab a six-figure salary. Also, if you’re a professional looking to upskill, you can enroll in a part-time coding bootcamp online that aligns with your schedule. 

While your career experience is a major proponent that will determine your salary, identifying which companies are paying software engineers high salaries is helpful no matter if you’re a recent bootcamp graduate or a senior-level engineer. 

But it’s worth noting some nuances here: Highest-paying companies vary depending on what level you’re at. For instance, if you’re new to the field, you can find the highest entry-level salaries ($230,000 a year) at Lyft, according to the most recent data from Levels.fyi, a site that lets you compare levels and compensation packages across different companies. But, if you're a mid-career software engineer, LinkedIn’s pay leads the pack, paying senior engineers III $461,000, the data shows. 

So, which companies should you keep on your radar and that are known for offering competitive compensation packages?  We incorporated 2020 data from Levels.fyi to identify the top-paying companies for software engineers. Here are 10 companies that are offering the most competitive compensation packages to software engineers.

Lyft logo


Headquarters: San Francisco

If you’re an entry-level engineer, Lyft has secured a reputation for offering the highest salaries, with compensation coming in at $230,000 a year. Perks of working here include a free Lyft Pink membership that provides discounted rides, free online classes and 18 weeks of paid parental leave. While Lyft’s HQ is in San Fran, the company has 45 offices across the country and beyond. However, it’s worth taking job security amid a pandemic into consideration as ridesharing companies have had to scale back their operations amid COVID-19.

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Pintrest logo


Headquarters: San Francisco

Pinterest pays mid-career software engineers big salaries: $294,000 for engineers and $450,000 for senior engineers. The company also extends a wide range of benefits to employees, including egg freezing and other family building benefits; on-site and off-site family parties for pumpkin carving, Valentine making and Santa-sitting (in normal times); personal learning and development budget; Pinterest-inspired meals; and studio nights to learn new crafts and trades. 

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roblox logo


Headquarters: San Mateo, California

The online game platform is among the companies extending the highest salaries to entry-level engineers, who can earn $222,000 annual salaries. The company has made it on the list of Fortune’s Best Workplaces and benefits here include fitness program credits and an onsite fitness center, commuter benefits plus a daily lunch and fully stocked kitchens with unlimited snacks.

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linkedIn logo


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

Senior engineers at this career social media site have potential to pull down $461,000 annual salaries. Also, the company celebrates the end of the year with a week-long paid shutdown, gives employees a PerkUp! Allowance that they can spend on fitness classes, massages, childcare, eldercare, pet care, house cleaning, student loan repayments and tax prep. The company has an HQ in Sunnyvale but has more than 30 offices on five continents.

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stripe logo


Headquarters: San Francisco, California and Dublin, Ireland

E-commerce has been king and Stripe provides online payment processing for internet businesses. The company offers competitive compensation packages across most pay levels with entry-level software engineers earning $213,000 to staff engineers earning $590,000. The company has offices in tech hubs around the United States, including New York City, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco as well as global offices and coworking spaces for remote employees. 

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doordash logo


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Entry-level software engineers at Doordash can start with a salary just shy of $200,000. Amid the pandemic, and with more people hunkered down at home and order delivery, the food-delivery platform is experiencing a surge in revenue growth. Employees at Doordash enjoy benefits like a $75 monthly wellness credit, unlimited vacation as well as work-from-home stipends. 

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netflix logo


Headquarters: Los Gatos, California

Mid-career software engineers are well compensated at Netflix. The senior software engineer salary at the streaming platform and production company is $455,000. Among the company’s policies is a compensation practice that’s aimed at employee retention: Employees are paid at the top of the market. If the market adjusts, and salary rates for a job category go up, employees compensation goes up. With this approach, there’s no waiting for end-of-year bonuses or salary increases and no raise pools that are divided up. 

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Airbnb logo


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Like ridesharing services, the global pandemic has brought about challenges for the vacation rental marketplace. However, Airbnb in the past has consistently topped pay lists across different levels, with software engineers starting out having the potential to earn $213,000 annually and salaries increasing to $550,000 for staff engineers, a senior position. As of now, the company has five dozen engineer job openings, so there is still opportunity even at a time when travel has largely been on pause. A big perk of working for Airbnb, especially when travel resumes, is an “annual travel and experiences credit” that’s extended to employees. 

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FB logo


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

While the social media platform isn’t among the top-paying companies for entry and mid-level software engineers, those that take senior-level jobs here receive some of the most competitive compensation packages, with staff engineers earning $590,000 a year and principal engineers netting $895,000. In addition to paid time off, Facebook employees get a 30-day paid break every five years.

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Box logo


Headquarters: Redwood City, California

The cloud management and file sharing service for businesses pays senior software engineers salaries near the $300,000 mark. The company has landed on Fortune’s best places to work list. Employees have unlimited PTO and are encouraged to take time off.

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