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Top 5 Presentations: Bitcoin, Coding Best Practices and More

Hack Reactor

Top 5 Presentations: Bitcoin, Coding Best Practices and More's Image

The Hack Reactor community extends from its students and alumni to friends and partners in the developer world. Many of these people have given talks at Hack Reactor on topics ranging from coding best practices to bitcoin and smart contracts. While some of our favorite videos are below, there are many more on our YouTube channel. Experienced coders can peruse the many Lightning Talks to get tips and explanations of specific tools and technologies, and those who are newer to programming can get a sense of the industry from a number of our Thunder Talks.

Coding Best Practices

Last November, Will Demaine, Senior Software Engineer at Uber, spoke about his philosophy and best practices for writing code. After touching on certain principles that will be familiar to experienced developers, such as writing code that a complete stranger could understand, he gets into concrete examples, comparing what looks on the surface like reasonable code to code that can be more intuitively understood.

The Art of the Career Pivot

How does one stay up to date in an industry that’s constantly changing? Greg Wilson, Head of Developer Advocacy at Google Cloud Platform explains the art of the career pivot, and how he used this skill to progress from data entry to a lead position at a tech giant.


Alum and bitcoin enthusiast Keenan Lidral-Porter explains the mechanisms and concepts behind bitcoin and the intriguing and potentially disruptive world of smart contracts. He gets into the code around bitcoin wallets, and some of the companies doing interesting work in this space.

What Every Engineer Should Know But Isn't Told

CTO of NPM (Node Package Maid) Laurie Voss gave his popular talk, titled Stuff Everyone Knows Except You. This long but entertaining presentation goes through a number of lessons that many developers pick up in the first years on the job, but Voss offers the shortcut of learning these key lessons in advance.

IP and Encryption

Alum Drew Cuthbertson gave a lightning talk on the details of certain fundamentals to the functioning of the internet: Internet Protocol and Encryption Methods.

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