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Students Love Our Top Curriculum and Unique Advantages

Owen Poindexter

Students Love Our Top Curriculum and Unique Advantages's Image

To ensure that our programs are providing excellent service to students, we constantly monitor various metrics that describe the health and success of our programs. One of the most important is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which assesses how satisfied the student was with the course. Graduating students are asked, on a scale of 1-10, how likely they would be to recommend the course to a friend. Hack Reactor Remote’s most recent NPS was 100--the top score on the scale. That means that every single student gave the course a 9 or a 10. We chatted with a few current students to find out what makes Hack Reactor Remote such a worthwhile experience.

“I really have to give kudos to Hack Reactor to have down to a science what to teach and when to teach it,” says student Jamie Long. Long recently completed a different sort of intense educational experience: a PhD in math with a concentration in theoretical computer science.

“The big difference between my PhD education and Hack Reactor, is the pace is dramatically different,” says Long. “With both, you have to teach yourself a lot, but with a PhD it’s many years, whereas at Hack Reactor it might be two days.”

Classmate Jennica Goo concurs, noting that the curriculum provides good depth across an impressive diversity of topics within JavaScript and computer science.

“My favorite thing was the variety in the curriculum,” says Goo. “On my own I wouldn’t be able to get this amount of knowledge crammed into my brain in this amount of time. It was so unique to have something like this.”

Ron Cruz, who compares the information intake in the course to “drinking from a fire hose,” says what he loved most about the course was “100% the people. It’s crazy to be interacting with people from different slices of life and different parts of the globe. We had students from Thailand, Brazil, and across the U.S. You get to collaborate with these people and make something amazing.”

In addition to the vaunted Hack Reactor curriculum, students find that there are many advantages to Hack Reactor Remote over the onsite experience, the most obvious being that the “commute” is from one’s bed to laptop.

“I wake up, get my hair reasonably good, and I’m there,” says Long.

In addition to the convenience, students avoid the costs and hassle of moving. Many students have taken the online program even if they ultimately intend to look for work in the Bay Area. Both Long and Goo live with their partners, and Remote is a much preferred option over being away from them for three months or forcing them to move.

A key ingredient to the Hack Reactor Remote experience is how technology is used to make everyone feel more connected.

“It’s super easy to get in touch with anyone in the cohort because of that on-demand nature of being able to talk to anyone with a chat message,” says Cruz.

This immediacy extends to pair programming, which some students prefer in the online format.

“Pair programming really gets you comfortable with speaking technical,” says Cruz. “It really helps to bounce your ideas off someone else.”

Long notes that the technology used at Hack Reactor Remote allows for seamless collaborative coding.

“I would argue there’s a benefit to doing it remotely,” he says. “In-person, you might have one keyboard, one set of monitors. Online, you can see your partners edits in real time. If you want to highlight something, you can say, ‘hey you missed a semicolon’ and highlight it.”

In all, Hack Reactor Remote combines Hack Reactor’s finely tuned curriculum with some unique advantages of the online format, leading to a much loved program that transforms careers.

Looking to efficiently gain career programming skills from the convenience of your home? Apply to Hack Reactor Remote.

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