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Vote for Marcus! Lead Instructor Marcus Phillips Up for Panelist Position at SXSWedu

Hack Reactor

Vote for Marcus! Lead Instructor Marcus Phillips Up for Panelist Position at SXSWedu's Image

Hack Reactor uses a unique and powerful instructional method called rapid-iteration teaching, designed specifically for the school by Lead Instructor and Curriculum Designer, Marcus Phillips. Now, Marcus is up for a panelist position at SXSWedu--the education-focused wing of South by Southwest--to speak about changing education toward a more powerful, dynamic model. Listen to Marcus explain his method below and vote for him here (registration is required to vote, but it’s painless).

Rapid-iteration teaching is a dynamic method, which assumes that each group of students and each lecture is unique, and that there is always room for improvement. Instructors assess student uptake of the material frequently, sometimes 20-30 times in a lecture, and adjust their lectures based on student feedback. This customizes the lecture to the specific group, confronts misunderstandings before they are compounded, and drives instructors to constantly improve their lectures. Students are never left mired in confusion, and teachers learn quickly how to effectively communicate key concepts.

“In order to achieve our high standard for speed and consistency of learning, we can’t accept the traditional, one-way, ‘shout and hope it sticks’ model of lecturing,” Marcus writes in a guest article for Big Beacon. “Instead, we actively measure the class’s ability to apply a newly presented idea—about every few minutes, on average. This allows for immediate pivots, repetition, or omission of some part of the lecture, depending on the real, measured needs of the learners.”

The revolutionary power of rapid-iteration teaching is at the core of Hack Reactor’s mission, which is to empower people and to change education. The results of our method speak for themselves through the quality of our graduates and their hiring outcomes. We believe this method has tremendous power to influence lecture-based education into a more responsive, effective system, regardless of subject or audience.

Please vote for Marcus to speak at SXSWedu, and leave comments about why you did.

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