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Check Out Our Partner Schools for Coding Near You

Hack Reactor

Want to Start a Coding School? Want a Coding School in Your Hometown? Check Out Hack Reactor Partner Schools

Hack Reactor is the premier school for Software Engineers.  Among graduates of our three-month program, the employment rate is 99% and the average salary is $105,000 -- on average, $52,000 more than what grads made before Hack Reactor.  This year, we will educate more Software Engineers than Caltech, Stanford, and Berkeley put together. And now, with the launch of the Hack Reactor Partner School Program, you can bring Hack Reactor to your city.

We are now inviting expert Software Engineers and educators to express interest in launching their own school, using our world class curriculum and method as a foundation.  If you are accepted, you will be given license to create a Hack Reactor Partner School.  Hack Reactor will facilitate your new coding school with our curriculum, admissions, job search support, staffing network/expertise, organizational management, lecturer training programs, marketing, software, legal, and other assistance (details below).

We expect the selection process to be highly competitive, and that chosen licensees will begin a remarkable and incredibly rewarding chapter in their lives.  Both for-profit and not-for-profit applications are welcome.  (We believe that many mission-based institutions are best embodied as for-profit corporations, but we are open to working with 501c3 models.)

Over the past year, Hack Reactor has developed internal systems and processes to operate at scale.  At our San Francisco school, we run four classes in parallel at any given time, an expansion that required additional infrastructure for program delivery.  We continued research and engineering on internal tools in order to facilitate our ongoing pilot of the world’s first full-time, web-based school -- Hack Reactor Remote Beta.  These efforts have enabled the possibility of expanding to other cities with no dropoff in quality.

Building a coding school from scratch can take months or years, with many iterative rounds of curriculum refinement, the results of which can vary widely. Hack Reactor Partner Schools allow leaders to hit the ground running and utilize the most successful, outcomes-oriented coding school curriculum currently in existence to build their very own coding school.  


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* If you're interested, click here to contact us. Please note we may not be able to respond to all inquiries.


More information on key systems that licensees will receive:

* Curriculum: Our 12-week curriculum combines the world’s deepest and most thorough JavaScript training with lessons on industry standard tools and frameworks, followed by the most thorough, outcome-driven apprenticeship syllabus of any programming school, designed to mirror on-the-job projects and challenges.

* Admissions: Our admissions systems and processes perform at a level that exceeds those of any educational institution. Through custom-built aptitude tests, exercises and interviews, we admit between 3-7% of applicants without consideration of resumes, grades, qualifications, certifications, or other noisy indicators from professional or academic background. Rather, we assess specific skills, emotional readiness and professional preparedness. Of those admitted, over 95% successfully complete the program on-time.

* Job Search: Hack Reactor’s hiring partner network, job search curriculum and associated systems are the tip of the spear in the school’s maintenance of a near-perfect placement rate. Due to the quality of this program, 99% of job-seeking graduates find full-time engineering jobs in under three months.