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Full-Tuition Scholarship With Help From Docker

Owen Poindexter

Full-Tuition Scholarship With Help From Docker's Image

Thanks to Docker, We Created a Full-Tuition Scholarship

We are teaming up with Docker to bring more diversity into the tech field. Together, we will be offering three scholarships over the next few months to our programs. These scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and are available to anyone who demonstrates a commitment to advancing equality in their community.

Docker has a history of initiatives to bring coding to more women and underrepresented groups. They have donated over $100,000 to this cause in the form of scholarships, sponsorships, and tickets to their annual conference, DockerCon. We share this mission with them, and have partnered with Optimizely and Capital One on similar scholarships.

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We are working with Docker to create three full scholarships to our program.

Just over three years old, Docker has made a mark on the software world. Their core product is a platform for “containerizing” software into standardized packages. Every year, the Docker community gathers at DockerCon to connect and explore their technology. Hack Reactor students often incorporate Docker into their thesis projects, when they design and build an app from scratch using any technologies they choose.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our course and the opportunities it provides as inclusive as possible. Recently we worked with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s #FaithTech2020 initiative to bring our introductory coding course to faith communities around the U.S. We provided curriculum, guidance and technical mentorship to ReBootKAMP, a coding bootcamp in Jordan that reserves half its seats for Syrian refugees, and to Code.7370, a coding course within San Quentin State Prison. Partnerships like these and many others allow us to expand our impact beyond the confines of our schools. We are excited to work with forward-thinking organizations like Docker to bring a 21st century education to more and more students.

Want to experience our groundbreaking program? Apply for the Docker scholarship or go through our standard application process.