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How to Get into Hack Reactor: Collaborate, Communicate and Code

Hack Reactor

How to Get into Hack Reactor: Collaborate, Communicate and Code's Image

Hack Reactor requires a certain level of coding acumen of our applicants, but programming ability is far from the only thing that we select for. The intensity of the program and the rigors of being a Software Engineer involve more than just being an able coder. For this reason, Hack Reactor looks at more than programming talents when evaluating each applicant.

 The ability to work separately and in teams is a key component to success at Hack Reactor and as a Software Engineer.

So what else do we look for? Ruan Pethiyagoda, a key staff member in our hiring process, has tackled this question on Quora:

Our staff, instructors, other students and alumni will be around you for nearly all of their waking hours over a three month period. A core piece of the magic at Hack Reactor is not just that everyone 'gets along', but that we are all family, we actively support each other, and everyone feels comfortable reaching out for help if they are slowing down or slipping through the cracks.

As Ruan explains, even the technical interview at Hack Reactor tests more than your programming skill. It shows how the applicant responds to unique challenges that go beyond the familiar:

During your interview process, interviewers will want to gauge your level of technical competence, and go through a pair programming interview process that pushes you beyond your comfort zone, in order to get an idea of how you learn and what the experience of teaching you is like. Are you inquisitive? Are you receptive to new ideas? Do you get defensive or hostile?

If you’re scared, don’t be. The bottom line is that we want our students to be ready for a challenge. This, as Ruan notes, will help ensure success as a student and as a Software Engineer:

If this all sounds a little daunting, don't be discouraged. Our bar is significantly higher than most, simply because 'coding' for the web is just one of many skills making up our curriculum.

Hack Reactor takes all kinds of students with all kinds of backgrounds. If you think you would be a good fit here, we encourage you to apply today!

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