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What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Hack Reactor

What is a Coding Bootcamp?'s Image

According to a study by Course Report, coding bootcamps require less time and money than traditional four-year programs, while bringing in earnings nearly equal to Computer Science degrees. With 72 percent of employers ranking bootcamp graduates as “just as prepared” to be high performers as degree holders, coding bootcamps lead to real jobs. But what exactly is a coding bootcamp and how does it differ from a four-year degree program?

Overall, coding bootcamps are career-based, project-oriented fast tracks to coding excellence and serve several educational purposes.

The four major purposes of coding bootcamps are:

1. Coding bootcamps require less time

Compared to four-year degree programs, coding bootcamps typically last between eight to 14-weeks. Courses are learning intensive, setting students up for professional success in a fraction of the time that most college programs require. Coding bootcamps isolate the most important information from computer science programs, serving students a full coding and software engineering education in just weeks.

2. Coding bootcamps are less expensive

In addition to the shorter timeframe, coding bootcamps are also less expensive than traditional university programs. Programs like Hack Reactor offer full bootcamps for less than the price of one year at a four-year institution. This means that coding bootcamps are often accessible to more students and that students can earn back their educational investment more quickly.

3. Coding bootcamps are project-based

Bootcamps like Hack Reactor prioritize real-world skills in a way that most four-year institutions don’t. As opposed to studying theory, coding bootcamp students will learn practical coding skills.

Coding bootcamps are project-based. Students work on real-world problems and projects, similar to what they’ll work on as professional coders, allowing them to build essential pre-processional skills.

4. Coding bootcamps meet you where you are

Programs like Hack Reactor offer both in-person and online bootcamp options. An online option affords students the ability to fulfill other commitments while continuing to work toward professional success. On the other hand, in-person programs allow students to engage with others face-to-face. With programs online and in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles and New York City, Hack Reactor is available for students virtually anywhere.

Coding bootcamps are made for students of all coding abilities. No matter your technical skills experience, Hack Reactor can help you attain coding excellence.


Coding bootcamps are unique. If you want a career in software engineering, programs like Hack Reactor can help get you there quick. For more information on Hack Reactor’s coding bootcamps, visit our website. For more coding news, check out the Hack Reactor blog.