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When to Choose an Online Over an In-Person Coding Bootcamp

Hack Reactor

When to Choose an Online Over an In-Person Coding Bootcamp's Image

Many potential coding bootcamp-goers wonder, “is an online coding bootcamp better than an in-person coding bootcamp?” Well, this answer varies from individual to individual. Some students prefer to be in a classroom setting, while others prefer to learn on their own.

Here’s when to choose an online coding bootcamp over an in-person coding bootcamp:


1.      Your home city doesn’t have an in-person coding bootcamp

Unless you’re willing to temporarily (or permanently) move to a city where a coding bootcamp is located, an online coding bootcamp is your only option. Online coding bootcamps allow you to learn from whichever city you live in. 


2.      You can’t afford to leave your job

Okay, so maybe you do live a hub city that has a major coding bootcamp. But many full-time immersive bootcamps last for a couple of weeks to a few months – a long enough time frame that you would need to ask your employer for special permission or quit altogether. For people with families or other responsibilities, giving up a steady income for a few months isn’t a viable financial option.

A part-time online coding bootcamp allows you to continue employment while learning to code.


3.      You need to go at a slower pace than an in-person camp

Full-time, immersive coding bootcamps are often highly intensive and fast-paced. If you’re someone that prefers to go at a slower speed, an online coding bootcamp is a good option. Hack Reactor’s remote part-time coding bootcamp takes place on evenings and weekends and is taught over nine months – a good pace for students who prefer to take it down a notch.


4.      You’re a self-starter who is highly independent…

As with any new skill, learning to code requires dedication and drive. On top of that, learning a new skill online requires a heightened dedication and drive. Students choosing to enroll in an online coding bootcamp should be self-starters who are extremely self-motivated and who also thrive working from home.


5.      …Or you’d still like a structured learning environment

Alternatively, if you’re someone that learns best in a structured learning environment but there are no classes near you, a remote coding bootcamp can be a great fit. An online coding bootcamp provides the accountability of an in-person coding bootcamp with the flexibility of attending remotely.


6.      You still want mentorship and access to a community

If you’re still looking for strong mentorship and access to a student community but can’t attend an in-person coding bootcamp, an online coding bootcamp offers those benefits. Many online coding bootcamps (ours included) will offer you one-on-one access to high-quality coding instructors who are willing to work with you outside of class time.

Additionally, having the support of peers who are going through the program with you will be hugely beneficial to your learning and the job search process afterwards.


Whether you decide to attend an online coding bootcamp or an in-person coding bootcamp, beginning your programming career has never been easier or more attainable. Assess which one is right for you and go for it!

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