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Why Online Coding Bootcamps Are Still Important in 2018

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Why Online Coding Bootcamps Are Still Important in 2018's Image

With a growing number of online resources on coding and web development, you may be wondering, “are coding bootcamps still important in 2018?” The answer is unequivocally yes.

In today’s tech-driven world, every company is a technology company. Code powers our digital world - every website, app and computer program relies on code to operate, making programmers and engineers the new architects and builders of the digital age.

The path to becoming a programmer has never been more accessible than with remote and online coding bootcamps. Here are our 5 reasons why learning to code, especially through remote and online coding bootcamps, is still important in 2018.


1.    Demand for programmers is high

Though it’s more difficult to land a programming job now than it was a few years ago, the demand for programmers is still high and only continuing to increase. The number of job opportunities in web development is expected to increase by 27% by 2024, according to a report by Modis. And of those job opportunities, JavaScript is the most in-demand skill, according to this report based on Indeed and Gooroo data.


2.    The starting salary for programmers is high

Money isn’t everything – but if you’re looking to up your salary (who isn’t?), learning to code could help you increase your paycheck. More than a third of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. right now require some familiarity with computer programming, according to a recent report from job search platform Glassdoor.


3.    Learning to code gives you the freedom to build your own career

Learning to code gives you the freedom to build your own career. Because demand for programmers is so high, possessing the ability to code in multiple languages allows you the flexibility to go anywhere in the world and still be able to find a job. Coding allows you to be location-independent.

Alternatively, you can strike out on your own and utilize your coding knowledge as a freelance programmer.  Whether you build your own app or consult on other companies’ projects, you can design your career to work for yourself. 


4.    You’ll have an impact on the tech industry

The tech industry has grown enormously in the last 15 years, and learning to code now will place you at the forefront of an industry that is shaping the future. The global tech market is expected to grow by 4 percent in 2018, reaching $3 trillion, according to Forrester.

Whether it’s blockchain, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality, it’s important to be able to understand and pick up relevant tech skills – get ahead of the curve and become part of technological progress.


5.    Coding has benefits outside of the tech industry

Though learning to code has the most obvious benefits for prospective software developers and engineers, jobs not directly linked to computer science will also be affected by the need for an understanding of programming and coding.

Learning either front-end and back-end languages will allow you to build foundational skills to jump into a variety of fields, outside of tech.

As a result of our increasingly digital world, coding, or computer programming, is becoming a core skill required across a broad range of careers and industries. No matter what field you’re interested in, it’s clear that learning to code at an online coding bootcamp can benefit you across the board.

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