1. The Intangible Benefits of Software Developer Training

    Jim Collin’s “Get the right people on the bus” is as popular a business aphorism as you can find when it comes to sage advice about corporate business success - regardless the product, service, or market.

    In the world of software engineering, it is certainly true: get the right people on the bus, get them to show up consistently and do what they do well - it goes a long way towards a company delivering great products and services that delight customers.

    But what actually happens once the bus makes the pickup and leaves the stop?

  2. Top Four Elements of a Successful IT Corporate Training Program

    We’ve heard more and more from our enterprise partners how difficult it is to train current employees to keep up with changing tech needs. Armed with this input, we’ve created specialized corporate training programs that fit together in a comprehensive way to support IT organizations with recruiting, onboarding, reskilling and upskilling tech talent.