1. What is Blockchain?

    Going beyond bitcoin, what is blockchain? Here is our quick and easy beginners’ guide on what blockchain is, what blockhain is not, and where blockchain is going.

  2. The Intangible Benefits of Software Developer Training

    Jim Collin’s “Get the right people on the bus” is as popular a business aphorism as you can find when it comes to sage advice about corporate business success - regardless the product, service, or market.

    In the world of software engineering, it is certainly true: get the right people on the bus, get them to show up consistently and do what they do well - it goes a long way towards a company delivering great products and services that delight customers.

    But what actually happens once the bus makes the pickup and leaves the stop?

  3. Congrats to our Summer 2018 Scholarship Winners

    After much deliberation and sorting through hundreds of applications, Hack Reactor and our

    dedicated Advisory Board are pleased to announce the 2 newest recipients of Hack Reactor’s full

    tuition scholarship, and 4 recipients of the Hack Reactor half scholarship.

  4. Katy Farmer Speaks About Workplace Diversity and How to Make Sense of Database Metrics

    The Telegraph Track program at Hack Reactor is designed for underrepresented students and focuses on recruiting, mentoring and empowering these students at every step of the coding school experience. Telegraph Track hosts a regular speaker series. Recently Katy Farmer spoke at the San Francisco campus. We recently sat down with Katy to get more detail on her background, how the changing tech workforce benefits from coding bootcamps, and why her mission to simplify coding for everyone compelled her to speak at Hack Reactor.