Thanks for being our Brand Ambassador

These guidelines exist to provide the tools and assets you need to deliver Hack Reactor’s brand promise and experience through its communications, websites, products and more.

Our Core Messages

In order to communicate our brand promise successfully in our communications, we need to convey the core messages that truly set us apart.

We Empower People

Exceptional students are trained to be exceptional Engineers. We empower our students to develop a long-term career path. Beyond software engineering curriculum, we teach students to be constantly learning as a life and career skill, and we provide an organized, well-connected alumni network.

We Provide Data-Driven Education

We know how to optimize code and rapidly iterate on a product - applying those same results-driven skills to curating our teaching materials allows our students to excel.

Our Brand Attributes

Brand attributes express the personality and spirit of Hack Reactor’s brand and guides our manners and tones of our verbal and written communications.

Technically and academically excellent

Intense and rewarding



Our Brand Voice

Our voice is how we write and speak to our students, team members and business partners.

Open, trusted and informative



To ensure alignment with the Hack Reactor brand, please use our primary or secondary colors based on your need for your design and layout.

  • PMS COLOR # is for print applications
  • HEX COLORS # is for screen applications

Primary Colors

PMS 2193 C HEX #0090DA
PMS Black 7 C HEX #3D3935

Secondary Colors

PMS 3275 C HEX #00B398
PMS 138 C HEX #DE7C00
PMS 1665 C HEX #DC4405
PMS 208 C HEX #861F41


Print Applications

Proxima Nova

Our logo is designed with Proxima Nova. It combines a geometric appearance with modern proportions which pairs well with our icon and communicates our clear message. It is also our primary sans serif typeface and used in our layouts for the copy text.

Proxima Nova typeface

Website & Online Applications


Open source serif typeface that is pleasant and easy to read on screens.

Merriweather typeface
Source Sans Pro

Open source sans serif typeface family work well in user interfaces. It’s warm and friendly.

Source Sans Pro typeface

Desktop & Mail Applications


Verdana is highly a versatile sans serif typeface and it’s included in most computer operating systems. We use this typeface in our newsletters and emails or anything formated in google docs for the copy text.

Verdana typeface

Georgia is a standard serif typeface and is reserved for newsletters and emails or anything formated in google docs for the titles and subtitles.

Georgia typeface


The brand imagery is an important asset to communicate Hack Reactor’s brand promise. We want to empower our students, partners and employees with meaningful, authentic and immersive imagery. The brand imagery system includes:

Abstract & Object Photography

Mainly used in identity systems and to communicate conceptual ideas in presentations or lectures. Underscores our innovation and commitment to excellence.

Abstract & Object Photography image example

Lifestyle Photography

Has an organic, photo-journalistic style that aims to capture the energy of the Hack Reactor journey.

Lifestyle Photography image example

News Editorial and Event Photography

Company events, conferences or trade shows and any important meetings or lectures that may be featured in our newsletters or on our blog.

News Editorial, and Event Photography image example

Environmental Portraits

These capture Hack Reactor employees in their workplace or an outside environment with the city landscape.

Environmental Portraits image example


With head shot portraits we capture Hack Reactor employees’ personality and confidence. They are always taken against a neutral background and feature frontal view.

Headshots image example

Conceptual Iconography

Used only when there is a need for a small icon/illustration to communicate the content. We never use cliparts.

Conceptual Iconography image example

For questions and template requests please contact