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Coding Bootcamps For Washington D.C.

Join one of our top-rated coding bootcamps and reinvent your career in Washington D.C.



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According to top job sites, Washington D.C. has close to 7,000 coding jobs of varying levels in the D.C. area that need to be filled. The average Washington D.C. software engineer salary starts at around $108,000 per year with an average of $137,000 for 10+ years of experience. For the last decades, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has consistently
reported very healthy job and salary growth for software engineers in the D.C. area.

Our coding bootcamp grads work at exciting companies around the world including:

Hack Reactor alumni work at AmazonHack Reactor alumni work at LinkedInHack Reactor alumni work at MicrosoftHack Reactor alumni work at SalesforceHack Reactor alumni work at Zenefits

Land a software engineering job in Washington D.C.

D.C. has always attracted top talent being a hub for more sustainable tech research and innovation that extends beyond the District and into neighboring Virginia and Maryland. There are numerous groups that can be found in Meetup, with data science, visualization, and cybersecurity thriving the most. Many in tech believe D.C. has a different feel than the West Coast, with a focus on long-term growth rather than creating the latest thing.

With the attitude in the region focused more on long-term and sustainability, the older, well-established tech companies tend to offer the best jobs in the area for Washington D.C coding bootcamp grads. D.C. is also a hub for high costs, so the higher salaries, larger amount of benefits and perks, and a healthy embrace of remote work make companies like Juniper Networks, Meta, Amazon, and Capital One a bit more attractive. These companies are also focused heavily on wellness, family, and commuting to make themselves more attractive to top talent.

Our Coding Bootcamps

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12-Week Immersive (Full Time)

Our flagship, fast-paced bootcamp will train you to become a software engineer in just 12 weeks. Currently, all of our programs are fully remote. Learn to code live online, from wherever you are in the world.

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36-Week Online Immersive (Part Time)

The carefully designed pace of our part-time coding bootcamp allows for work-life balance as you train for a new career. Become a software engineer in 36 weeks; learn to code nights and weekends.

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19-Week Online Immersive (Full Time)

Our new program was designed for those with little to no coding experience. Start your journey toward learning to code and becoming a software engineer today.

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Explore coding careers in Washington D.C.

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