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What Sets Us Apart?

We offer instructor-led, remote and online programs to work with
any level of experience, time commitment and budget.

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Project-focused Learning

Training programs reverse-engineered from real-life software engineering practices and skills. Hands-on projects performed individually and in teams. We can incorporate your specific practices, examples, code base and data sets.

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Expert Instructors

They've been engineers, have mentored engineers and have run teams. They’re in touch with the industry and the most relevant industry trends and and practices. They’ve mastered these topics and are now passionate about transferring their knowledge.

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Measurable Results

We design curriculum and learning objectives according to your desired results. We measure participant engagement and skill progression to quantify outcomes. Our programs yield insightful learning metrics and provide return on investment.

We’re with You
When You Need Us

Hack Reactor provides the industry's most comprehensive
suite of solutions for your tech talent challenges.

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    We'll collaborate with your team to design a program to get your new hires up-to-speed and confident on your technologies and environment.


    2-3 Weeks

    Ideal for:

    Computer Science grads and bootcamp grads

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    Our immersive coding bootcamp has trained thousands with industry-leading outcomes. We can train your non-tech employees to think like engineers.


    12 Weeks

    Ideal for:

    Little to no programming experience

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    Re-tool your experienced engineers for the newest technology. This investment will challenge them and make them a happy employee.


    2 Days - 4 Weeks

    Ideal for:

    Experienced engineers

A Sample of the Technologies
That We Enjoy Teaching


Frameworks & Libraries


Servers & Platforms


  • Image of skills that we enjoy teaching: Agile, DevOps, SOAP, Machine Learning, REST, Web Services and Testing Automation

We Carefully Design Each
Aspect of Our Engagement

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  • Understand the business need and start to translate into technical specs
  • Gather preliminary audience info, skills/topics, budget and program timing
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Curriculum Development

  • Our instructional designers map learning objectives to your desired outcomes
  • We collaborate with your subject matter experts to tailor the program to you
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Program Delivery

  • Pre-assessment and pre-work to prepare participants and inform instruction
  • Deliver surveys and progress reports to keep your managers apprised
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  • Analyze the pre- and post-assessments to quantify outcomes
  • Review participant engagement and discuss any lessons learned
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Continuing Education

  • Collaborate with your team to create learning pathways and next steps
  • Utilize in-person and remote modes to offer accessible and efficient education

Upskilling from Desktop to the Cloud

Client’s Challenge:

Our client's top-level strategic initiative is to transition from desktop to the cloud. Their engineering workforce needed to learn new engineering tools and practices, as well as an in-house toolchain that did not have rollout-ready documentation and training materials.

Our Solution:

Hack Reactor developed a suite of training programs - online/self-paced, event-based workshops, and instructor-led immersives ranging from one to six weeks. To date, we have delivered 17 programs over the past 14 months in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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