Get Job-Ready in Just 12 Weeks

In just 12 weeks, grow your knowledge and skills so you’re job-ready, including the use of AI-powered tools to enhance your productivity.

Upcoming Cohorts

Upcoming Intermediate Coding Bootcamps

Attend our Hack Reactor Intermediate program in a live online format.

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September 2024 Sept 3 – Nov 27 July 15 Apply

Additional cohorts may be available for application in the admissions portal.


What You’ll Learn and Build in 12 Weeks

Dive into what you’ll learn in our Intermediate Coding Bootcamp. Before you begin, you’ll brush up on the basics with our precourse curriculum so you’re ready on the first day.

Prior to your start date, plan to spend about 90-120 hours on our precourse curriculum. When you’re done, you’ll have a strong foundation in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more, and you’ll be ready for the first day of the bootcamp.

During weeks 1-5, you’ll learn full-stack JavaScript and computer science fundamentals by working through code. Your time will be spent on 2-day sprints, pair programming with classmates, and working through real industry problems.

  • Turn software requirements into a running application with JavaScript, React, and Node.js
  • Write HTML and CSS to build working and interactive web applications
  • Use a relational and non-relational database to store and retrieve data for an application
  • Use REST APIs to real data to bring life to dynamic websites.

Projects: You’ll contribute to 12 projects during 2-day sprints, just like professional software engineers. You’ll work with other software engineers in pairs as you improve your technical communication and ability to research and solve unfamiliar problems. You’ll design a database, write server code, create a React application with hooks, and design a REST API.

Building on the robust knowledge learned previously, you’ll continue by exploring how to build even more complex web applications using modern software architectural methods and learning industry practice.

  • Work on three Agile teams to complete features based on business requirements and design documents
  • Build, deploy, and test scalable applications and architecture with backend performance tuning
  • Learn how to effectively use the AI-powered tool GitHub Copilot
  • Apply the latest design and technical principles to create microservices
  • Create stand-alone web application front-ends using JavaScript and React

Project: Your senior project models how you’ll work in a real-world software development team. You and your team will use Agile software development practices to individually build microservices that seamlessly work together to create a robust and scalable web application. You’ll also push the limits of scaling by making performance optimizations.

At this stage, you’ll begin your job search, leaning on the many things you’ve learned from our Career Services team during your time in the bootcamp. We’ll be right by your side, helping you find, land, and negotiate terms for the job of your dreams.

Career services during your 12 weeks include:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio and resume building
  • Professional development workshops
  • Networking exercises
  • Access to a broad alumni network

Transform Your Software Engineering Career

Take a look through our bi-annual outcomes report, which digs into our graduation rates, salaries, and success rates.


Learn a Variety of Tools & Languages



SQL & MongoDB



GitHub Copilot



Precourse Curriculum

How Precourse Work Prepares You for the Intermediate Bootcamp

Prior to your start date, you’ll be required to complete the precourse curriculum, which takes anywhere from 90-120 hours.

Finish with a strong foundation in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more – so that you’re prepared for the upcoming intense learning experience.

92% of Bootcamp Grads Recommend the Free Prep Course

Refresh your JavaScript fundamentals and prepare for the required Technical Admissions assessment (TAA) with our self-guided Basic Prep course.

Hands-On JavaScript Exercises

Work through JavaScript exercises designed by software engineering professionals to maximize your understanding of the fundamentals before your TAA.


Complete the coursework on your own schedule. The Basic Prep course is not required — though it’s highly recommended by Hack Reactor coding bootcamp grads.

Free for Everyone

Access world-class coding content for free. We want you to feel confident and prepared for the Intermediate Coding Bootcamp admissions process.

Build Independence

Build up your independent coding capabilities. Lean on independent research, find answers, test, and evolve your skill set for the next step of your career.

Your Intermediate Coding Bootcamp Schedule

It’s intensive and immersive — and your Instructors and Career Advisors will support you every step of the way.

  • 9 – 10am: Live coding
  • 10am – 12:30pm: Lectures, hacking, and pair programming
  • 12:30 – 1:30pm: Lunch break
  • 1:30 – 2:30pm – 3x per week extra break
  • (start time varies) – 5:30pm: Collaborative project work, lecture, and coding
  • 5:30 – 6:30pm: Dinner break
  • 6:30 – 7pm: Evening lecture
  • 7 – 8pm: Solo sprint

Have questions about the schedule? Schedule a call with an Enrollment Advisor.

Career Services to Help You Land a Job & Launch a New Career

We’ll help you find, land, and negotiate the terms of your first software engineering job.

1:1 Coaching

During your Intermediate Coding Bootcamp, our Career Advisors provide 1:1 coaching tailored to your needs. They’ll work with you to refresh your resume, update your social channels, and start aligning your new skills with job opportunities.

GitHub Project Portfolio

Build a strong and unique GitHub portfolio featuring projects demonstrating your new software engineering skills. See some student project examples for inspiration.

Mock Interviews

Throughout the bootcamp, our team conducts mock interviews and other job training workshops and exercises to get you ready.

Job Training

Our Career Advisors will prepare you for the job search and interview process. Get the tools you need to find a job, and negotiate a great offer, and launch your new career.

How to Apply

Intermediate Coding Bootcamp Admissions Process

The process takes between 3-6 weeks from the day you submit your application to the first day of the bootcamp. It’s hard work — but worth it.

After you’re accepted, you’ll enroll, complete precourse work, determine your financial path, and prepare to transform through tech.

Apply Now

Non-Technical Assessments

A 15-minute cognitive aptitude test (CCAT) and 1-minute typing test.

Submit Your Application

You’ll create an account and submit your application in 10-20 minutes.

Optional Basic Prep Course

Free self-paced Basic Prep course to prepare for the technical assessment.

Technical Assessment

Two parts: coding challenge and Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA).

TUITION & Financing

Multiple Tuition Payment Options

Pay in full, pay half up front, or explore our other financing options, including the ability to pay tuition after you’re employed.

Income-Contingent Financing

Through Income Share Agreements (ISAs) or Retail Installment Contracts (RICs), all we require is an upfront deposit of $100 – you pay the rest once you’re employed.


Lending Partners

Use a loan to finance your education. Our two trusted lending partners provide flexible financing options based on your needs.


Learn about our work with the Galvanize Foundation to fund full-tuition scholarships that seek to create new paths for more students.

VET TEC Benefits

Use VET TEC Benefits — your Veterans’ Benefits Program — to fund your Intermediate Coding Bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intermediate Coding Bootcamp FAQs

Explore a few FAQs — and don’t hesitate to reach out with other questions you’d like answered.

We recommend you take our Basic Prep course and finish modules 0-3 to be prepared to take the TAA.

Please visit our Financing page for all details.

Upfront / Direct Payment:

  • ACH Bank Transfer – Galvanize’s preferred payment method
  • Credit Card – convenience fee applies
  • Check / Wire Transfer – Wire transfer information is located on your Invoice. Please email if you plan on using these payment methods.
  • Loans through Third-Party Lending Partners (subject to credit approval)
  • Income Sharing Agreements and Retail Installment Contracts
  • VA VET TEC Benefits (for select programs)
  • Scholarships

During our coding bootcamps and for six months after graduation, students are given access to our Career Services. This involves resume and portfolio help, interview prep, and assistance in making connections with companies within and outside our partner network who want to hire our grads.

International students will receive the same support as all other students, but please note our network and support is historically much stronger for those living and targeting jobs in the U.S.


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