Coding Bootcamp
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What Hack Reactor Looks for in Applicants

What are the technical qualifications?

Prior industry or academic experience is not required, but most successful applicants have been introduced to programming by writing some code independently, or by working through courses on e-learning platforms such as CodeSchool or Codecademy. Hack Reactor is not a "0–60" course, this is a "20–120" course. If you haven't written any code yet, see below for recommended resources. If you study from those resources for a few hours a day, you should be able to complete the admissions challenge within two weeks. Read more here about how to prepare for the admissions challenge.

What are the non-technical qualifications?

Beyond having some coding experience, successful coding bootcamp applicants are passionate, intelligent learners and clear, empathic communicators.

Who is the typical Hack Reactor applicant?

There isn't a "typical" Hack Reactor applicant - our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some hold a CS degree and want to get web dev specific training before applying to jobs, some come from adjacent fields such as design or IT and have tangentially worked with coding, and many come from unrelated fields, looking to gain a complete skill set and begin a career in engineering.

I’m interested, but have very little programming experience - how can I prepare?

Many of our students have started in a similar place, and used online resources & local meetups to learn JavaScript to the level we expect. More than any particular skill-set, the key to leveling up is perseverance and a drive to grapple with new challenges. Read here to learn how to get started, or follow the links below to check out some of our network’s prep courses.

FAQ: About the Admissions Process

How do I begin?

We encourage you to submit an application by completing our admissions process here. Preparation materials for the admissions challenge can be found here.

You will also be asked to indicate your preferred campus, so please assess our locations to determine which is right for you.

What will happen after I complete an application?

You will receive an email from admissions advising you on the next steps. If you do not receive this email, contact or directly and we will send it manually - however, please check your SPAM folder and ensure you’re looking in the correct inbox (whichever email address you applied with).

What JavaScript study tools and resources are available online to prepare for the Hack Reactor admissions process?

For those new to programming or looking to brush up on JavaScript basics we recommend the following resources:

FAQ: When to Apply

When does the next class start?

New cohorts start about every seven weeks. Upcoming class dates can be found on the web page for your desired program:

See the Onsite Immersive page, the Remote Full-Time page or the Remote Part-Time page for additional information.

When should I apply to get into a particular cohort?

You should apply as soon as you feel ready, but at least 2-3 months before your ideal start date. As a general rule of thumb: It’s (almost) never too early to apply. If you are aiming for a specific start date, we recommend submitting your application as soon as possible, as classes can fill up months in advance.

What if I am accepted into Hack Reactor and need to change my start date?

Changing your start date is only possible in the most extreme of circumstances once you are fully enrolled, so if you think you might meet the requirements please email or We will ask for context into your situation and evaluate your case on an individual basis.

Can I come visit?

Yes! We are happy to show you Hack Reactor in action and answer any questions on a tour. Please use the link to sign up, so that we know you are coming and can secure your space. Perusing our blog is another way to get a feel for the school.

Can I speak to alumni?

Yes! An easy and convenient way to reach out to a specific Hack Reactor graduate is over LinkedIn. Click here to find Hack Reactor alum through your LinkedIn network. Also, attending our free workshops - typically run by graduates - is a great way to meet alumni. Check out our upcoming events here.

FAQ: Hack Reactor’s Pace

What is the policy on missing class days for special events, weddings, trips, etc?

You are required to be present between 9AM and 8PM, Monday through Saturday. Attendance at all sessions, programs, and events is mandatory. Although we want to be supportive of all students, excusing absence is not possible in the majority of cases due to the rigors of Hack Reactor’s schedule and course.

Our remote part-time program allows for limited flexibility around planned absences, and also offers the same curriculum at a less intense pace of around 15-20 hours per week over 36 weeks. Click here for more details about the part-time schedule.

How does Precourse work?

Precourse is a set of lessons and challenges you must complete before starting the immersive program. The work you’ll do during Precourse is just as important as the in-class projects. Expect to spend at least 80 hours working through a steady pace of preparatory work, setting goals and preparing for success during our 12-week program. Failure to meet deadlines and targets during Precourse is grounds for re-evaluation of your enrollment - so take it seriously!

FAQ: Tuition

How much is tuition?

  • $17,980
Credit cards may be accepted for deposits only. Credit cards will be charged by Hack Reactor, LLC.

Are there loan options?

Hack Reactor tuition does not qualify for traditional student loans or federal education subsidies. In order to help students finance their Hack Reactor education, we have partnership with several lending companies, Skills Fund and Climb, to provide you with attractive rates and manageable payment terms.

After applying to Hack Reactor, you will receive details on how to get pre-approved with our lending partners and work with our Admissions Team to explore solutions to fund your tuition.

FAQ: International Applicants

We are happy to have welcomed students from around the world to our onsite 12 week immersive course. Although we cannot assist with visa issues, if you are accepted into the onsite program and are able to spend 3 months in the US, we'd love to have you!

If you are unable to spend three months in the US, our Remote and Remote Part-time programs will provide you with Hack Reactor’s renowned curriculum, wherever you reside.

Would a non-U.S. Citizen be able to get a job in San Francisco after attending Hack Reactor?

We do not advise our international applicants to expect to be able to work in San Francisco. It is possible, but by no means a certainty.

If history is any indicator, our international engineers do very well both in the U.S. and within their home countries. That said, the barrier for entry to work in the U.S. is incredibly high and we can make no guarantees. Keep in mind the factors at play are largely out of our control and often out of the control of the employer companies themselves.

That said, the skills you pick up here are valuable around the world. Graduates walk out the door with an increasingly amazing array of project work that impresses employers in any country.

How do I find out more?

Hack Reactor’s Quora page is full of questions and answers from the Hack Reactor community and any other questions you have can be directed to or