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Our alumni are everywhere, at every level, and have been impressing employers and industries since 2012.



(all programs, since 2012)


Compensation Rate

(84.3% grads reported)


Median Compensation Increase

Our world-class program produces more mid-level software engineers than any other bootcamp.

(Data represents Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive outcomes across all campuses, taken from G.R.A.D. - 2020 Part II)

Our G.R.A.D. Standard

We have a public responsibility to represent accurate graduate outcomes and give the next generation of students a clear understanding of what they can expect after graduating from our programs. Central to our mission is to deliver exceptional student outcomes and that’s why we publicly disclose our standards for documenting, auditing, and publishing student outcomes data. Our standard, GRAD, the Graduate Results Advertising Directive, is an industry-leading methodology that we created to live up to our responsibility for honest and transparent reporting.

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Banun Atina Idris

From Acting Career to Software Engineering at Google

Banun’s time at Hack Reactor set her up to work at the world’s biggest tech company. She learned to pick up new material quickly, a “mandatory attribute” for engineers at Google, and connected to her hiring team through a Hack Reactor alumni.

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Edgar Pabon

Soldier, Entrepreneur, Rapper - and Engineer at Amazon Music

Edgar’s unconventional job path has taken him from the military to rapper. Yet he saw that same diversity in his Hack Reactor classmates, inspiring him to shift his offbeat career to a new one at Amazon Music.

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Tess Myers

From Zero to Coding: Pandora Engineer In Less than 1 Year

Tess, like many of her classmates, started with little coding experience. Beyond technical skills, Hack Reactor gave her “the foundation for how to learn the next thing. My Hack Reactor education is going to stay relevant until the internet blows up.”

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Watch some Hack Reactor Alumni, and their journey throughout the program and after.

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Hack Reactor Has More Grads At Top Companies Than Any Other Coding Bootcamp

Hack Reactor alumni work at Google
Hack Reactor grads work at Facebook
Hack Reactor alumni work at Paypal
Hack Reactor alumni work at Microsoft
Hack Reactor alumni work at Apple
Hack Reactor alumni work at Capital One
Hack Reactor alumni work at LinkedIn
Hack Reactor alumni work at Amazon
Hack Reactor alumni work at Accenture
Hack Reactor alumni work at Visa
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