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Hire the next generation of software engineering talent

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Need software engineering talent? You're in the right place.

Galvanize and Hack Reactor are leading providers of software engineering talent powering organizations of all sizes, including many that return time and time again to hire our graduates.

Our Partnerships team facilitates an efficient hiring process, including hands-on support that connects you with top-tier engineers graduating from our programs — all at zero cost to you.

Get started by reaching out to us at hire@galvanize.com

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Graduate skills briefing

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Three programs, one outcome

We offer three software engineering immersive programs that students can choose from, all with the same outcome. Every student graduates as an autonomous, full-stack software engineer, fully capable of tackling unique problems and building complex applications on the job.

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Technology stacks

While there are many programming languages and technology stacks in existence, our programs teach the most popular ones through curricula routinely updated to match the needs of the market. (See the 12- and 36-week program curriculum and the 19-week program curriculum.) In all of our bootcamps, you’ll learn more than one language (JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, plus Python in the 19-week program), as well as cutting-edge tech like React and ES6, and computer science fundamentals.

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Soft skills development

In addition to learning the hard skills needed to perform a highly technical job, students are taught soft skills that prepare them for a long-term career. We prepare them to thrive in this industry, covering skills like how to establish and maintain healthy and supportive work relationships, communicate effectively, work as part of a team, manage stress to reduce fatigue and frustration, and have confidence in decisions.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, & inclusion

We’re proud to invest in attracting and training diverse talent through programs and scholarships designed for members of underrepresented groups in tech.

We Stand Together (WST) Scholarship
Galvanize is investing up to $1.8 million in the We Stand Together Scholarship, which provides full-tuition scholarships for students who identify as Black or African-American.

Telegraph Track
This runs simultaneously with each bootcamp and was built to address challenges faced by underrepresented students in tech through free mentorship support, career training, and networking opportunities.

Military and Veteran Programs: VET TEC & Operation LevelUp Military Career Skills Program (MCSP)
As a preferred partner of the United States Veterans Administration (VA), we accept VA benefits for tuition and provide tech education to United States veterans through programs including the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC). Additionally, Operation LevelUp MCSP trains soldiers in their last six months of active-duty service to prepare for a career in software engineering.

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How to work with us

As a first step, please reach out to our Partnerships team at hire@galvanize.com to let us know you’re interested in hiring our graduates.

We’ll get back to you to set up a call to discuss your company and the roles you're hiring for.

Based on your hiring needs and timeline, we’ll work together to develop an engagement plan that helps you find the right candidates.

Once your hiring process is complete and you’ve found the talent you're looking for, we ask that you complete a short 5-minute survey that tells us how the process worked for you. We’re looking for feedback in order to create even better hiring experiences moving forward.

Our grads are employed around the world

Hack Reactor alumni work at google
Hack Reactor alumni work at Uber
Hack Reactor alumni work at Apple
Hack Reactor alumni work at Facebook
Hack Reactor alumni work at Salesforce
Hack Reactor alumni work at NASA JPL
Hack Reactor alumni work at LinkedIn
Hack Reactor alumni work at twitch
Hack Reactor alumni work at paypal
Hack Reactor alumni work at microsoft
Hack Reactor alumni work at asana
Hack Reactor alumni work at amazon
Hack Reactor alumni work at change.org.
Hack Reactor alumni work at zenefits.
Hack Reactor alumni work at adobe.