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Why Does Cisco Hire Hack Reactor Grads?

“The grads are so well-prepared, they come in and hit the ground running, that’s really what we’re looking for”
— Dustin B., Cisco


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(Since 2012)


Companies Hiring grads


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What Sets Our Employment Partnerships Apart?

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Elite Candidates

Prospective students must have prior coding ability. On average, 10% are accepted. Our students complete a rigorous 800-hour curriculum. Only engineers who pass our intense and challenging course enter our talent pool.

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High-Touch Matchmaking

We take the time to understand how you define the ideal candidate, both technically and culturally. We actively market your role and curate small batches of top candidates. We promote brand awareness within our student & alumni body with custom events.

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Access to Senior Candidates

Gain access not just to new graduates but also our robust alumni network. Meet candidates with live production experience ranging from 0-5 years. Our talent pool can serve you with a range of experience levels in front end, back end, and full stack specializations.

700+ Companies Have Hired Hack Reactor Graduates

Our bootcamp program prepares grads to work at today’s most prestigious and forward-thinking companies.

Hack Reactor alumni work at google
Hack Reactor alumni work at Uber
Hack Reactor alumni work at Apple
Hack Reactor alumni work at Facebook
Hack Reactor alumni work at Salesforce
Hack Reactor alumni work at NASA JPL
Hack Reactor alumni work at LinkedIn
Hack Reactor alumni work at twitch
Hack Reactor alumni work at paypal
Hack Reactor alumni work at microsoft
Hack Reactor alumni work at asana
Hack Reactor alumni work at amazon
Hack Reactor alumni work at change.org.
Hack Reactor alumni work at zenefits.
Hack Reactor alumni work at adobe.

Join Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse talent is hard to find. At Hack Reactor, we attract great students given our position as one of the best bootcamps, and we carefully select students who are motivated and able to succeed. We are proud to be a leader in attracting and training top diverse talent.

Diversity & Inclusion has a strong thread in the fabric of our organization and we continue to recruit more and more diverse talent through our Scholarship program, Telegraph Track, and our 2020 Vision. In addition, by partnering with employers, we help build out engineering teams with strong, diverse software engineers.

Hack Reactor is your top partner in (1) increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech workforce and (2) helping your company build its engineering team with diverse talent.

To help us move the needle further, we have produced the bootcamp industry’s first Diversity and Inclusion Report. We are excited to start this journey, but realize we can’t do this alone. We will need strong support from corporate partners and invite you to join our employer network.

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Fueling Social Impact Through Community Coding Programs

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Impact Underserved Communities

We work to expand access to groups that are typically underrepresented in tech. Increased diversity benefits everyone.

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Scale Profits to Scale Social Impact

We see scale and profitability as being intrinsically tied to our ability to effect positive change in the world.

Code Ramp

Code Ramp is a 60 hour introductory course that we license for free to non profits that work with underserved groups.

Hear From Our Community Partners

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Reymon LaChaux

Business Relations Coordinator — Success Center San Francisco

“Hack Reactor has helped our clients see themselves actualized as computer programmers earning a ‘living wage’.”

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Hugh Bosely

Co-Founder — ReBootKAMP

“We're excited to be embedded here at Hack Reactor because we are discovering the value of the iterative process. It has a profound potential to make a difference in the lives of these refugees.”

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Stevon Cook

CEO — Mission Bit

“Hack Reactor has shown again and again to be deeply committed to using their work not only to create jobs, but transform the lives of those most affected by income inequality.”