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Solidify Your JavaScript Fundamentals - Prepare for a top coding bootcamp

Hack Reactor Prep is the ideal starting point for any learner or prospective bootcamp student

Built by the same experienced engineers and educators behind the Hack Reactor immersive, this comprehensive and free program will help you learn software engineering essentials and master the basics of JavaScript. For prospective Hack Reactor students, this also serves as the single, complete path of study to prepare you for the immersive. Start learning today, with hundreds of other motivated peers like you.

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60 - 90 hours of material

Hack Reactor Prep goes beyond the basics and brings you to the point where you can have a command of JavaScript fundamentals and build simple apps. Students get exposed to key concepts and gain ample practice putting these concepts into action.

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Each exercise builds on the last and grows your proficiency with every hour of study.

This JavaScript course doesn’t just show you the concepts you need to know, it ensures that you gain extensive practice. Each software engineering training exercise builds on the last and grows your proficiency with each hour of study

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Assistance if you need it

Our Basic Prep course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript and gain coding skills in a free, self-paced format. Mentored Prep provides personalized assistance throughout the course.

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Learn and succeed at your own pace

We designed our new coding bootcamp Prep course so that anyone can fit it into their schedule. Study after work, first thing in the morning or whenever works best for you. For even more structure and guidance, sign up for Premium Prep.

What You’ll Learn

With 90 hours of material and over 150 challenging exercises, Hack Reactor Prep’s free self-paced JavaScript class is designed to get you into the most selective bootcamps. Here’s how:

Module 0:

Module 0’s goal is to demonstrate (to yourself, mostly) that you have learned enough fundamentals of JavaScript and programming to be able to efficiently dive into the main Prep course material.

Module 1:
Mastering your basic tools

Module 1 will help you cement your foundations by working through a number of toy problems before proceeding on to bigger, harder problems you’ll work through in the latter half of the course.

Module 2:
Writing code well

Module 2 consists of a handful of harder problems that begin to realistically reflect the kinds of problems you are asked in admissions interviews. They also begin to reflect the kinds of problems that come up in the core immersive curriculum.

Module 3:
Live performance practice

Module 3 focuses on taking all the good problem-solving and clean-code-writing skills you practiced in the previous module, and practicing those same skills under the twin pressures of limited time and a live, collaborative audience.

Choose Your Study Path to Prepare

Basic Prep

Our Basic Prep JavaScript course is an online, self-paced sequence that teaches JavaScript through problem solving and cogent explanations of the fundamentals. This program is designed to prepare students to build their own projects and prepare for Hack Reactor, the premier immersive software engineering school.

  • Group Onboarding
  • Best Effort Question Response from Staff
  • Standard Solutions for Intermediate Exercises
  • Some Online Lectures
Mentored Prep

This JavaScript course is designed to empower any student to get into the most selective coding bootcamps. Mentored Prep uses the same tested material of Basic Prep and provides personalized assistance throughout the course. This makes for a comprehensive offering that’s head and shoulders above standard online tutorials.

  • 1-1 Onboarding with Staff Member
  • Initial Evaluation by Instructor
  • Study Plan Co-Developed with Staff
  • Guaranteed Response to Questions
  • Automated Feedback on Beginner Exercises
  • 1-1 Staff Feedback on Intermediate Exercises
  • Live Online Lectures
  • Dedicated Staff Support
  • Staff Code Review

What does the waitlist mean?

Selecting the waitlist option will put guarantee your spot in line to receive live support while going through Prep. You will only be charged once, at the intiation of your waitlist status. Typical wait times are 1-2 weeks.

While you are on the waitlist we encourage you to get started with the free program. Getting past the first Module is a great way to build momentum!

Upcoming Schedule for 12-Week Immersive

Hack Reactor Prep is a self-paced program designed to boost your technical abilities and to get you prepared for top coding bootcamps. The dates below provide a typical timespan to prepare for the immersive program.

Dates apply to all campus locations.

    • Immersive Dates: October 21, 2019 to January 24, 2020
    • Join Premium Prep by:Sep 9, 2019
    • Self-Study & Interview by:September 28, 2019
    • Immersive Dates: December 9, 2019 to March 13, 2020
    • Join Premium Prep by:Oct 21, 2019
    • Self-Study & Interview by:Nov 2, 2019
    • Immersive Dates: February 3, 2020 to May 1, 2020
    • Join Premium Prep by: Dec 9, 2019
    • Self-Study & Interview by:January 6, 2020
  • Immersive Cohort
    Immersive Dates
    Join Premium Prep by
    Self-Study & Interview by


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