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Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Employers recognize the value of our Professional Development courses. Two-thirds of our students get their tuition reimbursed by their employer. 

Our Professional Development courses make you a better craftsperson and team member.

You will learn how to write better software and help lead complex implementations. Good employers and managers want you to have the knowledge and skills to help you succeed at your job. Here are three simple steps to get their support in your learning journey.

3 Steps to get Reimbursed

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1. Research your options

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2. Gather course information

3. Talk to your manager

1. Research your options

The first step is to find out if your employer offers education benefits. This may be called employer sponsorship, tuition reimbursement, or professional development. You may find this information in your employee handbook or through a quick chat with your human resources department. We find that many employers have an annual budget for education benefits for each employee. If your company does have formal education benefits, perhaps they can design a personal program or benefit for you. 

Typical reimbursement criteria include:

  • Grading Policy

Many employers require that you receive a certain grade or complete the course for reimbursement. To complete our courses, you must score 70% or higher on the course project(s). 

  • Reimbursement Policy

Many employers require that you get approval for the course prior to paying for the course. We suggest that you complete our application process while you’re waiting for approval. 

  • Institution Policy

Some employers require that you study at an accredited institution. While we are not accredited, we find that many employers have programs for non-accredited education or professional development.

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2. Gather course information

The next step is to gather course information so that you can explain to your employer why this course will provide near-term and long-term benefits to both you and the company. 

  • Structure

Our microlearning format blends in-person sessions and online studying to give you a focused and efficient learning experience. The course projects reinforce this learning.

  • Syllabus

Our week-by-week syllabus tells you what you’ll learn and when. You’ll be prepared to explain to your employer how these courses will help you advance. 

  • Instructors

Instructors can make or break a course. Our instructors are industry veterans that provide individual and group feedback that you can use to refine and improve your craft. 

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3. Talk to your manager

You’re now ready to talk to your manager about taking one of our Professional Development courses. You’ve done your research on the company policy and have all of the course information necessary to make a strong case for taking a course. Here are final tips for showing your manager and employer that this is a win-win. 

  • Your Accomplishments

Be prepared to discuss your hard work and accomplishments to date. Let them know that these new skills will increase your performance and contributions to your team. 

  • Your Productivity

Be prepared to discuss how you will balance workload with studying. To best accommodate your work schedule, our evening sessions are recorded and we are flexible on homework assignment submissions.

  • Your Commitment

You’re a loyal employee and your employer’s investment in you will only make you more invested in the company. Your new knowledge and skills will provide a tangible benefit to the company. 

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