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Thank you for your interest in our Professional Development courses. We will be in touch!

Designed for Your Individual Success

Join 20 colleagues twice per week in an informal and inclusive developer-centric setting to exercise your new knowledge and skills. Learn from the real-world failures and successes of your instructors and classmates.

Reinforce your growing mastery of the theory, application, and thought-leadership found in the course through non-trivial learning actions. Instructors will provide individual and group feedback that you can use to refine and improve your craft. 

Each course has two major coding projects that apply both the theories and practical implementations learned in class. You will be challenged with software design projects to enhance the synthesis of theory and thought leadership. In class and on your own, you will have access to reviewing other developers’ code to bridge the gap between practical application and leadership.

Professional Development FAQ

Our favorite applicant is someone who enjoys learning and participating in a dynamic learning community. We look for learners that are curious and motivated to further their craft. A learner who has grown tired of either unfocused or inefficient courses that have failed to take them to the next level.

Our application process is simple. Your application will help us learn more about you and should only take five minutes to complete. The application includes information about your educational background, programming experience, employment, and motivations for taking this course. We will review your application and either email any follow-up questions or accept you into the course. Once you’re accepted, you’ll sign an enrollment agreement and pay for the course.

Our typical course is six weeks long and consists of two evening classes per week. Our evening classes are 90 minutes long. Classes are recorded in case you are not able to attend them live. You can expect four to six hours per week outside of class for work on prepping for the next class and/or working on focused projects.

Some of our courses require prerequisite skills or knowledge. If applicable, we ask about this in the application process.

Yes, you can. The live classes, homework, and projects are optional. We encourage you to participate in all to get the most out of your investment in the course. To receive a certificate, you must score 70% or higher on the course project(s).

Yes. If your employer reimburses for education or professional development, we will make it easy for them to reimburse your participation in our courses. 

Universities typically only focus on computer science theory. We blend computer science theory with practical programming practices and thought leadership strategies to create more relevant courses. This format has more real-world applications that will help you advance your career.