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92% of our Grads Recommend the Coding Bootcamp Prep Course

Our self-guided course helps you prepare for the Intermediate bootcamp admissions process, including the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA).

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High-Quality Curriculum

Work your way through JavaScript exercises designed by engineering professionals to maximize your understanding of the fundamentals.

Self-Paced & Flexible

Take your time and complete all exercises when your schedule, focus, and interests align.

Research-Focused Learning

If you get stumped along the way, you’ll lean on independent research to find answers. While this might add time, it can also help fortify the useful skill of being a good researcher.

Free for Everyone

Learn at no cost. This course is a great entry point if you’re looking to refresh and sharpen your JavaScript skills prior to the TAA.

“If you’re learning on your own, you have to constantly decide what’s most important. And if you don’t know the landscape, it’s easy to get trapped in things that aren’t particularly pertinent or to ignore complete areas just because you don’t know what they are yet. So I figured I needed more rigorous and guided instruction. I decided, for various reasons, that I was going to go all in with learning to program. I haven’t looked back since.”

Joe Buono
Frontend Engineer at Amazon Web Services

“The biggest and most important thing that I got out of the [Intermediate bootcamp] was confidence in my own skills. I’d spent…years teaching myself little bits and pieces of programming, but I never considered myself to be good at it. It was only through this experience that I realized not only can I do this for a living, but the experience I had in the class is actually going to contribute to that.”

Stephanye Blakely
Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services

How to Get the Most out of Coding Bootcamp Prep

To get the most out of the course, we suggest that you:

Work Chronologically: These exercises are in a specific order to help you enhance your foundational knowledge in an efficient way.

Build Up Your Coding Autonomy: Working to bridge knowledge gaps through independent research will help you become a better coder.

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