New partnership with /dev/color, global career accelerator for Black software engineers

As part of our increasingly intentional approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we’re excited to announce a new partnership with /dev/color, the global career accelerator for Black software engineers, technologists, and executives – as well as the go-to accountability partner for companies who invest in, employ, and are led by Black software engineers, technologists, and executives.

As part of the partnership, we sponsored Black Tech Professionals memberships for the general public. Then, through an org-focused campaign, we also sponsored a select number of memberships for Hack Reactor and Galvanize alumni who self-identify as Black, African-American, or African Heritage.

The Black Tech Professionals membership includes access to the A* (A Star) mentorship program, networking and job opportunities, exclusive access and invitations to events, and more. New members will join the /dev/color community, which currently boasts 600 members and counting.

We’re proud to partner with organizations like /dev/color, led by CEO Rhonda Allen, as they work to create accessible pathways toward meaningful community and lasting support in an industry too often without.

“At /dev/color, partnership is about changing tech for good, together. We’re excited to work with Galvanize to support Black technologists, as our first priority, while we also create the conditions and opportunities to spark and sustain accountability and real commitment in the industry,” said Allen.

And this type of commitment needs to come from all angles, according to Dr. Sam Kline, Galvanize Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

“While it’s important to establish mentorship, sponsorship, and community within workplaces, industry organizations like /dev/color are vital to increasing representation and growing the careers of Black people in tech,” she said. “I have been familiar with /dev/color’s work for quite some time, and I’m excited about their growth, commitments, and future. I recognize the value of networking, mentorship, professional development, and multiple spaces of community for sustaining and progressing the careers of Black individuals in tech.”

The more support and access to community, the better. And this is exactly what /dev/color offers its members, according to Allen.

“/dev/color members are committed to helping each other grow, thrive, and advance, both personally and professionally,” she said. “We’re family, and new members can jump right into the mix on Slack, in 1:1 conversations, and upcoming events. For members wanting a more robust coaching experience, our A* squads are the perfect mix of accountability, friendship, and support to set, pursue, and achieve both personal and professional goals.”

Galvanize Director of Alumni Experience Toni Warren encourages alumni to explore the opportunities and possibilities offered by /dev/color.

“We’re thrilled to offer a valuable collaboration with /dev/color and our alumni community. This opportunity reflects our shared commitment to accelerate collective advancement of Black technologists,” she said.


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