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What You Learn at
Hack Reactor

Computer Science Fundamentals

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Data Structures

As programmers we can take data we get from the world or other apps and structure it any way we want. We teach methods and strategies to turn a chaotic world into logical, meaningful data sets.

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Algorithms & Algorithmic

Once you have your data structures, what do you do? Algorithms determine how your data is used. This is the basic principle behind everything from Google’s search engine to self-driving cars.

Object-Oriented and Functional Programming icon representation.

Object-Oriented and
Functional Programming

These are the two central paradigms of modern web development, and we make sure you are comfortable working with both. This is essential to understanding whats going on under the hood of a code base.

Full-Stack App Development

Frontend and Backend Technologies Stack from Hack Reactor Curriculum Frontend and Backend Technologies Stack from Hack Reactor Curriculum


React has quickly become one of the most important JavaScript frameworks. You’ll learn how to leverage its unique design to build incredible apps.

Angular and Backbone

Equipped with every major front-end framework, students learn their relative advantages and the meta-skill of choosing the best technologies for a specific project.

Node, APIs and Databases

Node allows JavaScript to cross over to the back end, making it one of today’s most important web technologies. You’ll learn to use APIs and databases to build a back-end that powers your app.

Production-Grade Engineering

Software Engineering Best Practices icon representation.

Software Engineering Best Practices

We teach you to write code that grows with its user base, is free of bugs, and can weather worst-case scenarios. You’ll learn industry collaboration tools like Git, so you are ready for day 1 on the job.

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Technical Project Management & Communication

The ability to plan, scope and manage a project makes you a strong team contributor. We emphasize pair programming, so students learn to communicate effectively about code structure.

Resumes, Whiteboarding & Mock Interviews icon representation.

Resumes, Whiteboarding & Mock Interviews

Our dedicated outcomes team helps prepare you to secure and negotiate offers. You’ll work one on one with job coaches to succeed in a competitive job market.

“I’m really glad I chose Hack Reactor. Even from the pre-work and check-ins, Hack Reactor has a clear support system. If anything, I’m more impressed than I thought I would be.”
— Preethi Kasireddy, Software Engineer, Coinbase

What Sets Hack Reactor Apart?

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A program built by
industry experts

  • Our curriculum was built by engineering leaders, formerly at Twitter, Google, YouTube, OKCupid Labs and Walmart Labs.
  • The Hack Reactor curriculum was reverse-engineered from real-life software engineering practices and skills.
  • Our program is designed to make you a star performer in your first job, and set you on an accelerated career track.

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Learn to think like a
software engineer

  • You are virtually certain to use unfamiliar technologies on your first job. We teach you to pick up new software quickly.
  • Software engineering is a team sport. Communication and collaboration are woven throughout our course.
  • Our grads are prepared for a world where next year’s most important tech hasn’t been invented yet.

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Over 4 years of steady

  • We pioneered the first JavaScript immersive course, and have been iterating and improving it every 7 weeks for 4 years.
  • We consult alumni and industry contacts to stay on top of industry trends.
  • Each course module is evaluated and refined every time it is taught.

“I loved the emphasis on learning to pick up new skills. Learning how to learn is a skill. I don’t think I could be where I am without my time [at Hack Reactor].”
— Banun Atina-Idris, Software Engineer, Google

Campus Life & Highlights

Our campus in downtown San Francisco is bright, vibrant and modern. It is an ideal hub for turbo-charging your education.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Our Grads Work at Amazing Companies in SF

“I was blown away by the talent.”

The talent that comes out of here is just more polished [than other coding schools]. Students here
have everything from design sensibilities, to technical chops, to business ideas.
- Kristopher Mora, Product Manager, Creative Channel Services
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Featured Staff Profile

Image of Fred Zirdung, Lead Lecturer @ Hack Reactor Image of Fred Zirdung, Lead Lecturer @ Hack Reactor

Fred Zirdung

Lead Lecturer, San Francisco

Fred is a software engineer with two decades of industry experience.  He worked for a range of technology companies, eventually leading a developer team at Walmart Labs. Since 2013, he has drawn on his wealth of experience to educate our students.

“A lot of what we teach here are fundamentals that can apply to many technologies. While we teach specific technologies, our aim is to develop the right thinking so that graduates can be successful for the rest of their careers.”

See What is Getting Built at Our SF Campus

Holograf student project screenshot.


Holograf creates intuitive visualizations of code. These serve as a debugger, an educational tool, and a new way to understand one’s code. Users can see their overall structure and how data moves through it.

Technologies: React, Flux, Three.js, Jasmine, Node.js, MongoDB, Rafael.js and Gulp.

See the Project
Tessel Drone student project prototype image.

Tessel Drone

This project used Tessel’s microchip to operate a drone from anywhere in the world. The project combined 3D-printing, 2D and 3D visualizations and hardware and software coding, mostly in JavaScript.

Technologies: Angular.js, D3.js, Three.js, Material Design, JSHint, Istanbul, Gulp, TravisCI, Coveralls.io, Stylus, Express.js, Karma, Jasmine, Azure, Node.js and Tessel.

See the Project
Connectus landing page image.


This environmentally-focused project delves into the Internet-of-Things and payments to allow users to rent one another’s electricity sources. Connectus was submitted to the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Catalyst competition.

Technologies: React, Flux, Google Maps API, Bootstrap, Less, MySQL, Bookshelf, Socket.io, Braintree and Passport.

See the Project
“The school brought me through to where I am today. I can’t even begin to discuss the amount of growth that’s happened between now and when I started the program. It’s not just understanding certain technologies, it’s really understanding how to jump into any technology or code base and figure out what’s happening.”
— Muhsin Abdul-Musawwir, Software Engineer, Esurance

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Attend Our Free San Francisco Events

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Campus tours

Come get a sense of the Hack Reactor campus life on a campus tour. See our coding stations, hang out areas and lecture areas (you may even catch a little bit of a lecture). You will also have a chance to learn about the program and ask questions.

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Learn to Code Workshops

We'd love to see you at one of our free, "learn to code" workshops. Our workshops range from beginner-friendly to intermediate-friendly as we aim to help you get started on your journey of learning to code. Our goal is to offer these workshops as both a utility for learning the fundamentals of programming and as a teaser of our fun and intuitive teaching style that you will experience in a Hack Reactor paid program.

Guest Speakers icon representation.

Guest Speakers

Stop by our campus to hear from experts in your local community. We're lucky to host experienced industry speakers and welcome you to join the community and learn from them. From deeply technical talks to high-level discussions about the industry, you can find value in hearing it from the pros.

Upcoming Cohorts and
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