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Premium Prep | Important FAQs

For students who have little-to-some coding experience, Premium Prep is a great option. Premium Prep allows students to study asynchronously using the current Prep curriculum (which all students have access to on the website) and adds the additional benefit of live support from Hack Reactor staff as needed. We create a space in Premium Prep where individuals can prepare themselves for our Technical Admissions Assessment.

About the Premium Prep program

Premium Prep costs $250, due upon registration.

We have an opportunity for students to join Premium Prep on a part-time or full-time basis. The part-time experience is open for 5 weeks (4 days + weekends), and the full-time experience runs 4 weeks (Monday through Friday). The experience is 100% online and each session has a dedicated communication platform to interact with staff and peers while studying.

The curriculum utilized in Premium Prep is the same curriculum students access on our website through Basic Prep (this includes basic functions, conditionals, iteration, and traversing nested data structures, and more) plus some additional complementary Javascript Fundamental content.

In Premium Prep students have access to both technical and non-technical support. Technical Mentors and Teaching Assistants (TA) use a variety of tools and techniques to support your technical development as needed. Additionally, each session has a Cohort Lead available to hold you accountable and champion you towards your professional goal. Staff Members are equipped to answer both your technical and non-technical questions and connect you with additional staff throughout your Premium Prep experience.

Each day's session begins with kick-off via zoom where we go over important deadlines, information, and/or strategies that could benefit your technical development. After kick-off, you spend the majority of time coding asynchronously, being resourceful with our curriculum and external resources. There will be opportunities to participate in lectures and interactive demos throughout the 4-5 weeks. 

When you register to join us, you will receive a detailed welcome email with all of the logistical information you need. This includes technical requirements for your computer and what apps you need to have installed.

Students are expected to come to sessions and attend during the dedicated session hours, however, because this is self-paced, you have the flexibility to choose the amount of time you spend practicing code.

Joining the Premium Prep program

After registering for class, you will gain access to Hack Reactor’s proprietary curriculum. If you are a beginner, you should start working on “Module 0: Building Blocks Intro” content immediately. We also strongly recommend you read through this additional content: 

If you are seriously committed to becoming a software engineer and want to develop your skills in preparation for a Technical Admissions Assessment, you are ready.

A “transfer” is when a student requests to switch into another Premium Prep session happening at a later date. Transfers are permitted prior to day 1 of your registered session at no penalty to you. Any transfers requested after day 1 of the session should be discussed with your Cohort Lead. 

A “retake” is when a student wants to participate in a second Premium Prep session after actively participating in one class prior. All registered students are eligible for one free Premium Prep retake. This retake offer must be utilized within the 6 months after the last day of session. If you pass your Technical Admissions Assessment, there is no need to retake Premium Prep. 

As a part of our community building, Hack Reactor creates a welcoming and supportive space for all to learn. As a consequence, Hack Reactor reserves the right to not offer free repeats at their discretion.

Yes. As a Premium Prep student, upon passing your Technical Admissions Assessment, you will become eligible for consideration of a Hack Reactor scholarship. However, you must pass the Assessment prior to the scholarship application close date.

Please refer to our scholarships page for information regarding our scholarship programs, deadlines, and eligibility requirements. You may also email scholarships@galvanize.com 

After Premium Prep

No. You must pass the Technical Admissions Assessment and comprehend and complete all Pre-course work by the deadline of your target immersive cohort.  

If you do not pass the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), you will not move on to the Software Engineering Immersive at that time. You will receive limited feedback from your enrollment officer on your performance with a recommended timeframe to wait to retest for the immersive. You have a maximum of 3 attempts at the TAA. After the third attempt, you must wait one year to retry. 

No. Technically there is no such thing as “completion” of Premium Prep.  This is not a course that you must complete to qualify for acceptance into our immersive - this is a preparatory experience that includes live support during dedicated hours while you prepare yourself for your Technical Admissions Assessment. Students get access to support while working through our curriculum and have the option to complete whatever modules they choose and prepare how they see fit.  We highly recommend completing modules 0 through 3 of the curriculum before attempting the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), as that is the content you can expect to be covered on the TAA.

If you withdraw from Premium Prep within the first week, you are eligible for a full refund. No refunds will be provided after the first week has elapsed.

Macs with Apple Silicon M1 are currently not permitted in the immersive. A computer running OS X or Linux is required. Windows users are required to run Linux using a virtual machine (via Virtual Box) or a Dual-Boot configuration. When running a virtual machine, the minimum specs may not be suitable. You should not use a computer that is actively shared with another person (especially with another software developer) since you will be making system-level configuration changes, and possibly deleting information that will affect those users.

Computer hardware specs:
- 8GB of RAM (min), 16GB recommended
- 50GB of free drive space (min)
- 2GHz processor speed (min) 3GHz recommended
- 2-core hyper-threaded processor

Operating system:
- OS X 10.11 (minimum), latest macOS is recommended
- Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (minimum) 16.04 recommended
- Rule of thumb: no more than 4 years old