Premium Prep | Important FAQs

Premium Prep is a concentrated preparation program in JavaScript Fundamentals - basic functions, conditionals, iteration, and traversing nested data structures. Premium Prep is designed to take participants with little-to-some coding experience to immersive-ready through over 100 hours of learning with live support.

The program supports you by focusing on both your technical and personal development. You’ll learn to trust yourself in an engineering environment by becoming resourceful and shaping your locus of control. 

About the Premium Prep program

Premium Prep costs $250, due upon registration.

We have a part-time course and a full-time course. The part-time class runs 5 weeks long (4 days a week + weekends) and the full-time class runs 4 weeks (Monday through Friday). The course is conducted 100% online via live video conferencing and gives you access to an online community, live staff support, and a cohort communication platform.

We cover JavaScript Fundamentals such as basic functions, conditionals, iteration, and traversing nested data structures. You will also have access to quality JS challenge problems that will strengthen your overall engineer skill set.

A staff of experienced professionals are there to champion you through the software engineering curriculum. A Technical Coach and Teaching Assistants (TA) are there to navigate you through the ins and outs of JavaScript using a variety of tools and techniques.

A Success Coach and a Success Advisor are there to level up your cognitive and interpersonal skills, keep you informed, and support your autonomy as you work independently through the material.

Your cohort, made up of other hardworking and like-minded students, will provide additional support through your learning journey.

We kick off class by making announcements, going over the day’s schedule, and sharing any valuable strategies, techniques, or pathways to success. Using our syllabus as a guide, your days will vary.

Some days will be primarily independent coding, but you’ll have access to our helpdesk if you get stuck or want to solidify your approach. There will also be days with live lectures or demos on foundational concepts. Additionally, there will be regular assessments to measure progress against your pacing and confirm your level of understanding.

We use several programs that work in harmony to provide a fantastic remote classroom experience. When you register to join us, you will receive a detailed welcome email with all of the logistical information as well as the technical requirements for your computer and what apps you need to have installed.

Attendance and engagement are essential for your success. You will need to attend every class possible. Missing class is discouraged and you will be responsible for making up the work independently.

Engaging with the staff during the time you are there about your personal schedule is important. Make sure you utilize our support, as it increases your likelihood of passing the Technical Admissions Assessment required to get into the Immersive. 

Joining the Premium Prep program

After registering for class, you will gain access to Hack Reactor’s proprietary curriculum. You should start working on “Module 0: Building Blocks Intro” content immediately. We also strongly recommend you read through this additional content: 

If you can work out the sample problem below, you should be in a good place to start this course.

Write a function called "isEven".  

Given an array of numbers, "isEven" returns a new array
that contains only the even numbers of the input array.

For example...  

 var output = isEven([1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13]);
console.log(output); // -->>>4, 6, 10]

// Starter code

function isEven(num) {
// your code here

Premium Prep students are allowed 1 free transfer and 1 free re-take up to 6 months after their first attempt.

  • Transfer:

    Transfer to a different Premium Prep session, requested no later than one week after class begins.

  • Re-take:

    Transfer to a different Premium Prep session, requested after the deferral deadline, including students who took and did not pass the Technical Admissions Assessment.

As a part of our community building, Hack Reactor creates a welcoming and supportive space for all to learn. As a consequence, Hack Reactor reserves the right to not offer free repeats to individuals with behavioral or other disruptive issues.

Yes. As a Premium Prep student, upon passing your Technical Admissions Assessment, you will become eligible for consideration of a Hack Reactor scholarship. However, you must pass the Assessment prior to the scholarship application close date.

Please refer to our scholarships page for information regarding our scholarship programs, deadlines, and eligibility requirements. You may also email 

After Premium Prep

No. You must pass the Technical Admissions Assessment and comprehend and complete all Pre-course work by the deadline of your target immersive cohort.  

If you do not pass the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), you will not move on to the Software Engineering Immersive at that time. You will receive limited feedback from your Enrollment Advisor on your performance with a recommended timeframe to wait to re-try.

You have a maximum of 3 attempts at the TAA. After the third attempt, you may not be able to attend an Immersive.

No. The Technical Admissions Assessment is the ultimate gate to admission to the Immersive program. There are different paths to prepare for it, and Premium Prep is one of those paths.

If you withdraw from Premium Prep within the first week, you are eligible for a full refund. No refunds will be provided after the first week has elapsed.