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Planning, creating, and launching a functioning real world project is the final phase of our program.

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MatchJS is an app designed to connect current and aspiring software engineers seeking to improve their skills in a certain area with mentors who have real-world experience and are willing to share their knowledge. By allowing users to post their availability and seek out mentors by skill-set, MatchJS aims to make the way we learn and teach a more open and communal experience.

Team: Polina Soshnin, Rachel Jenkins, Sergey Piterman, Anthony Bibbs

Technologies: Node, Express, Firebase, RXjs, Passport, Travis CI, Karma, Jasmine, Gulp, Protractor

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Trippian helps travelers avoid tourist traps and find great local spots. Users can create itineraries, upload photos and connect to one another. The app was built with React, Redux, Node, Express and many other technologies.

Team: Audrey Li, Joe Lagasse, Yale Yuen, Elliot Chi

Technologies: Node, Express, Amazon S3, Heroku, React, Redux, Neo4JS, Passport, Travis CI, Gulp, Mocha, Chai, ImmutableJS

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Text matching, Regex game where users match appropriate queries for text. Resources such as Coderbyte and Codeacademy allow users to learn to program without worrying about unnecessary complexities. This project aims to bring that ease of learning to regular expressions.

Team: Lisa Tse Wang, Michael Gofron, Dave Schumaker, Jeff Plourd

Technologies: Node, Express, React, MongoDB, Socket.io

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Wash on Demand

Wash on Demand is a mobile app that allows car owners to connect with car detailing and washing service providers. Available on both iTunes, and the Google Play Store.

Team: Bobby Chong, Daniel Rizko, Kyle Kodani, Kasra Joshani

Technologies: Node, Express, Angular, Ionic, Cordova, Socket.io, MongoDB.

Blue Plate

A platform for flash deals from restaurants to consumers. Users may search for deals, and see further relevant information including a map of the restaurant's location, a countdown to deal expiration, and a link to Yelp reviews of the restaurant.

Team: Kayla Handy, Kayla Matteo, Garrett Brustkern, Salman Oskooi

Technologies: Node, Express, React, Postgres, Mocha, Chai, Heroku.

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Texans.Vote is a social voter outreach platform to motivate Texans to vote in 2016. Users submit videos to encourage voting, and the videos are ranked by most viewed, with the top most viewed being awarded a prize.

Technologies: React, Immutable, Redux, Mocha, Chai, Node, Express.

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Town Hall

TownHall is a highly intuitive project management app. Drag and drop functionality allows users to quickly organize complex projects and assign tasks. A real-time chat component lets collaborators keep each other up to date.

Team: Daniel Kim, Jeffrey Shen, Richard Yu, Daniel Russel

Technologies: Node, Express, Firebase, MySQL, Angular, Socket.io

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Product Square

ProductSquare is a platform for developers to showcase completed projects and find proposals for development projects that need to be built by non-profit companies.

Team: Ting Deng, Alex Navarrete, Aaron Lam, Christopher Kim

Technologies: Node, Express, React, MongoDB, Socket.io

Nimble Code

This “Nimble Code is code typing game that allows you to improve your coding abilities in interactive ways. You can race against time or compete live against other users.

Technologies: React, Redux, Node, Express, MySQL, Socket.io, Ace Code Editor.

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Turf is a web application that helps you move into any new area by giving you the data you need about it’s neighborhoods. Get information on commute time and cost, local hotspots, and extensive demographic information.

Technologies: Angular, Bootstrap, Node, Express.

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This React Native app opens connections across the globe. Users can request content from any location in the world, and respond to requests with videos and photos. The app also includes a chat function, and geolocates content using the phone’s GPS.

Technologies: Google Maps, Django, Socket.io, MapBox, PostgreSQL, Docker, Graphics Magick, AWS, YouTube API, Yelp API, Node.js.

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