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Change the Face of Silicon Valley

Introducing Telegraph Track, the only program specifically designed for
underrepresented students that simulates a real world tech environment

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

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Learn from the Best in the Industry

Telegraph Track, an extension of the world-renowned Hack Reactor immersive, is a program built to specifically address the challenges that underrepresented students face in the tech and engineering world. Our customized, intimate program is designed to build top, confident software engineers in the booming tech workplace.

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Experience a Realistic Tech Environment

We are focused on making sure students have what they need outside of technical skills. Not only will Telegraph Track engineers receive the best-in-show, industry-tested education, students will solidify a strong community of diverse peers within a larger engineering community that will mirror what will be experienced in the tech industry.

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Receive Curated, Ongoing Support

Telegraph Track provides students with an extra layer of non-technical support. More importantly, the support doesn't stop after you've received your job offer. We're here to help you continue to move up the ladder and thrive as a leader in the workplace.

Build a Strong Community

Attend weekly Fireside Chats with Industry Experts on subjects that will enhance your career and technical growth.
Each Telegraph Track fellow is matched with a mentor based on a combination of your background and professional goals.
Join us for Campus Tours with organizations serious about adding diverse perspectives to their engineering teams.

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Always Be Learning

Learn to recognize and combat unconscious bias and microaggressions (and more) in the workplace.
Relate the strength of your diverse background and perspective to employers and team members.
Become empowered to become a leader and advocate for diversity and inclusion as you start your career in tech.

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Gain Career Long Advancement

Signal boost your brand through our Brand Building workshops. We will share your wisdom and achievements through our newsletter.
Become connected with organizations, teams, and communities supporting and recruiting underrepresented engineers post-graduation.
Get invited to events, and mixers specifically for diverse engineers post-graduation.

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The Telegraph Track Roadmap

Get to know your cohort-mates while learning how to navigate the tech industry as an underrepresented Software Engineer. Start building your online presence via weekly content development sprints.

  • Develop a strong relationships with Telegraph Track fellows.

  • Start building a strong online presence.

  • Attend workshops on the challenges and opportunities you will face in industry.

Visit our partner companies and get matched with a mentor that shares your background, interests, and career goals.

  • Visit companies with strong commitments to diversity.

  • Tailored, one-on-one, mentorship.

Receive advice on how to succeed in Silicon Valley from the perspective of recruiters, hiring managers, and underrepresented Software Engineers.

  • Tips from Recruiters about the job search.

  • Learn technologies from professional engineers.

  • Hear from underrepresented engineers from a wide array of companies.

Get continuous support and opportunities from our staff, community, and partners post-graduation. We expect our alumni to pay-it-forward by being actively engaged in the community.

  • Ongoing event invitations & networking opportunities.

  • Guest-spot contributions to our newsletter.

  • Volunteer and mentorship opportunities.

Inspiring Career Transitions

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Kim Merino

From Educational Program Manager to
Technology Architecture Senior Analyst at Accenture

“As a woman making a career change from teaching to software development, I didn’t have the time or money to get a 4 year CS degree. The Hack Reactor curriculum taught me the lightweight technologies I needed to grow as an engineer, but most importantly the Telegraph community gave me the confidence to face my imposter syndrome and accelerate my career growth post-graduation.”

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Alberto Madueno

From Title Driver to
Front-End Software Engineer at Rocket Lawyer

“My life has been completely transformed since joining the Telegraph Track at Hack Reactor. The staff care deeply about each engineer and the community is a strong, growing network that makes the program and job search easier. Make no mistake, you have to do the work but if you’re looking for a program that addresses your technical and non-technical needs, this is it. I would highly recommend Telegraph Track to any underrepresented engineer looking to make a career transition!”

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Kristina McElveen

From IT Analyst to
Software Engineer at Major League Baseball

“The Telegraph Track is a rigorous but rewarding addition to the Hack Reactor curriculum. I came in focused on building engineering skills at Hack Reactor and left with with much more than that. The Telegraph Track curriculum gave me an informed view of the industry and techniques for how to solve the challenges underrepresented engineers face that have helped me thrive in my current role.”

Hack Reactor Scholarships

As part of our mission to increase access to tech jobs for individuals of all professional backgrounds and experience levels, Hack Reactor is proud to partner with our community’s top organizations to offer a range of scholarship opportunities.

Learn More
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With Telegraph Track, you're provided with 70+ extra hours of mentorship, career development curriculum, and brand building coaching in addition to the hours spent programming in the Software Engineering Immersive program.

Telegraph Track specific programming will run Tuesdays and Thursdays bi-monthly (every other week) from 8pm to 9:30pm. Here’s a Week-to-Week guide on the program - please add this program calendar to your g-cal to stay up to date on events.

Yes. During Hack Reactor class hours you will work with Hack Reactor students and learn from Hack Reactor staff.

You are considered both a Hack Reactor graduate and a Telegraph Track graduate. You will receive an invitation to both alumni communities upon graduating.

You will receive no formal additional post-bootcamp outcomes resources outside of what is already offered by Hack Reactor. However, you can expect informal support from your mentor and our network of alumni.

Upon submitting an application you will receive an additional application for the track. The application has questions related to race, ethnicity and gender that allow applicants to self identify. Using this data will help us determine if an individual is part of an underrepresented group in STEM. We reference reputable nonprofit and government bodies of research about underrepresentation in STEM to inform our process.

We use the US Census Bureau report as the barometer for what we consider underrepresented in tech. If you identify as a woman, person of color, veteran, or as part of the LGBTQ community, you are eligible for admission into the program.