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Hack Reactor: The Premiere School for Software Engineering

Discover your passion and potential as an exceptional engineer -- full-time in-person, full-time online or part-time online.

Program and Curriculum Built by Industry Experts

  • Our curriculum was built by engineering leaders, formerly at Twitter, Google, YouTube, OKCupid Labs and Walmart Labs.

  • The Hack Reactor curriculum was reverse-engineered from real-life software engineering practices and skills.

  • Our program is designed to make you a star performer in your first job, and set you on an accelerated career track.

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Learn to Think Like a Software Engineer

  • You are virtually certain to use unfamiliar technologies on your first job. We teach you to pick up new software quickly.

  • Software engineering is a team sport. Communication and collaboration are woven throughout our course.

  • Our grads are prepared for a world where next year’s most important tech hasn’t been invented yet.

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Industry-leading Outcomes, >3,000 Alum and 5 Years of Improvement

  • We pioneered the first JavaScript immersive course, and have been iterating and improving it every 7 weeks for 5 years.

  • Over 3,000 grads have become professional engineers through Hack Reactor

  • We lead the industry in student outcomes transparency and performance. You'll find more Hack Reactor grads at top companies than any other program.

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