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Hack Reactor Webinars

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Learn how to develop mental models used by seasoned software engineers

The mental models behind data modeling and process modeling are at the heart of programming. Join Fred Zirdung, Head of Curriculum at Hack Reactor, in observing and deploying these key concepts.

Along the way, you'll also practice clean construction practices by deconstructing a problem into sub-problems that are implemented by small, well-defined components. This is a glimpse into how professional software engineers think.

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What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Data Modeling: Translate an open-ended real-world problem into appropriate data structures. 

  • Process Modeling: Manipulate those data structures to solve the problem.

Who this webinar is for:The workshop is taught at a beginner level and will not require an understanding of advanced computer science concepts. A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended.

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Your Instructor

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Fred Zirdung

Head of Curriculum & Lead Instructor

Fred is a software engineer with over two decades of professional experience at companies like Walmart Labs and Dolby Digital. His passion for education has led him to mentor thousands of early-career engineers, as well as to design the Hack Reactor curriculum, where he has been a lead instructor since its founding in 2012. Through constant refinement of his craft, Fred teaches students to look beyond what their code does and to examine how it is composed.

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Past Speakers

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Laurie Voss

Senior Data Analyst at Netlify